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Creating a Lasting Impression With Signage

Monument signage is more than just an identifier. This signage embodies your brand’s personality and are powerful marketing tools that amplify your brand visibility! These standalone structures, typically gracing the entrance of a business or strategically stationed within a property, serve as a beacon to draw attention to your business and often become landmarks in their own right. Their distinct blend of function and aesthetics means they capture your business’s essence while offering practical information, like directions and services.

Designing Effective Monument Signage

First impressions matter, and monument signs offer an effective way to leave a lasting one. They guide customers to your doorstep and set the tone for what they can expect from your business. When deciding the design of monument signage, there are several key factors to take into consideration:

Is it visible?

The primary purpose of a sign is to be seen. Ensure that your monument sign’s size, colour, and placement make it easily visible from a distance. Potential obstructions, like trees or buildings, and lighting conditions should be considered.

Have you refined your branding?

Your sign must accurately represent your brand! This makes using your company’s colours, fonts, and logo consistently vital throughout the design. If these branding aspects are not yet defined, it might be worth refining them before investing in signage.

What material is your sign made from?

The material of your sign will impact its durability, maintenance needs, and cost. Common materials for monument signs include metal, wood, and plastic. Each has pros and cons, so choose one that fits your budget, aesthetic, and durability needs.

Are you including illumination?

Illuminated signs are more visible, especially at night. However, they also require more maintenance. Consider whether the benefits of lighting up your signage outweigh the costs for your own situation.

Where will it be placed?

The placement of your sign can affect its visibility and how it is exposed to the elements. Consider placing your sign in a location that is easily seen from the road but also protected from harsh weather conditions.

Does it meet all relevant regulations?

Depending on the location of your sign, you may need to be mindful of regulations regarding size, placement, and illumination. Violating these regulations can result in fines or having to remove your sign.

The goal of your sign is to attract attention to your business and communicate key information quickly and clearly. With these considerations, the design of your monument sign will ensure long-term effectiveness.

Tap Into The Benefits of Monument Signage

Signarama understands the importance of designing effective monument signage. We offer a comprehensive process that considers all the necessary considerations to craft quality signage that perfectly reflects your brand.

Interested in custom-made designs that complement your building’s architecture? Reach out to your nearest Signarama today.


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