Using signage to build your brand

Many business owners will put all their effort into registering a business, looking for clients and marketing on various platforms to start working on their bottom line. They tend to forget about building their brand though.

Why is building a brand necessary?

  • Highlight your business in locations so customers can find you
  • Highlight your business so customers know you exist
  • Promote your business when you are not face-to-face with your market
  • Encourage word of mouth
  • Showcase what your services or products are
  • Showcase the fact that your business is professional and trustworthy
Poor signage and branding persuade potential customers that your business is not reputable or legitimate. Business owners and decision makers should regard branding as an extension of their business that works to promote them when they actively cannot. This is why signage is often referred to as the silent salesperson.

Recent research undertaken by The International Sign Association found that up to 15% of customers went into a store or business based solely on their signage. Their statistics also indicated that professional signage increases sales, encourages new customers to visit their premises and increased word of mouth among regular clients.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the research is that 60% of businesses that were studied saw at least a 10% increase in their sales after refreshing their signage.

Tips for building your brand through professional signage solutions

  1. First check what the regulations or rules are regarding signage in your area – you do not want to waste time and money investing in a billboard the local municipality does not allow.
  2. Think about what you need to communicate – do you want to highlight your brand, a product, or a service? What will be the most impactful?
  3. Know your target audience – careful consideration should be given to your clientele and how to market to them.
  4. Use a professional signage and branding expert to deliver on your needs. Signarama have stores nationwide who can assist you from conception to installation.
  5. Go for maximum impact and visibility – 3D letters and illuminated signage attract the most attention.
  6. Be consistent – ensure your branding is carried through in all aspects of your marketing, your signs should match your identity.
  7. Use indoor and outdoor signage – both types of signage are equally important to attract and retain customers.
  8. Update your signage at least every 5 years – what was relevant 5 years ago may not be important now. Review your signage every 5 years.
Reach out to your local Signarama store for all your signage and branding needs. We are the experts in professional, high-quality, and striking signage which can help build and grow your business.

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