What are the best signs for your small business?

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Businesses in all industries rely on various tools to highlight their brand. Customers expect more from businesses every day, which is why having distinguishable business signage is essential. Having a footprint in the form of signage for your customers and potential customers to easily recognise is crucial for any business.

The advantages of using professional signage

Using the right sign can make a real difference in recognition of your small business’s brand. With professional signage, your business is easier to find within your local community, making brand recall better amongst your target market. When you choose to align your business’s brand with the signage on your premises, you are guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

With studies that show the importance of signage, it is no secret that having signage that truly reflects your brand is essential. The team at Signarama can assist in designing cohesive signage that suits your brand, industry and unique products and services.

Which signage is best for your business?

The primary consideration for any business owner is where they would like to place business signage. Generally, using a combination of interior and exterior signage is ideal for cementing your brand and providing customers with any needed information.

Choosing an experienced signage team, such as the experts at Signarama, allows you to sit back and relax whilst we bring you the best signage for your small business. From design to installation, we ensure that your business’s signage represents your brand to accurately portray you to all existing and potential clients. We can also help ensure that you stay compliant with any possible regulations.

Small business signage design considerations

The design elements of your signage should be carefully considered to ensure it meets your brand’s identity. Hence, selecting the primary colours for your signage and finalising a logo is crucial as it should fit and enhance your brand message. As the saying goes, less is more! Therefore, settling on a simple design is always the best route to follow.

Choosing signage that can last for years to come relies on design as much as quality. Trendy style and fonts may seem like an excellent idea in the moment but can soon lose its charm as trends change. Our team can help guide you to conclude on signage that will stand the test of time.

The materials used for your signage will depend on whether its intended use is indoors or outdoors, your desired signage size, the type of sign and your budget. Signarama’s signage team will help you choose signage that meets all your requirements whilst staying within the desired budget. We can also provide samples of our materials to ease the decision-making process.

Signs to consider for your small business

Signage is the first communication your business may have with new customers. These tools serve as visual communication to draw in potential business and convey your brand, which is what makes them so important!

The most popular small business signage includes:
  • Monument Signs – These signs are designed to replicate the architecture of your facility and are typically found at the main entrances of your location.
  • Wayfinding & Directional Signs – Including these signs within your space helps customers find their way around. These signs should be designed cohesively and can be used on the interior and exterior of your space.
  • 3D Lettering – If you’re a small business owner, you’ll want to make sure your company name is legible and recognisable to potential customers. Indoor or outdoor lettering may be used for this purpose.
  • Illuminated Signs – This form of signage allows business owners to highlight their business signage 24/7. No matter the time of the day, your brand is guaranteed visibility.
  • Reception Signs – Make a great first impression with a personalised reception sign to welcome new and existing clients who visit your business.
  • Window Graphics – Window signage can help you make the most of previously unused space to advertise your company’s services and goods.
  • Wall Graphics – You can use the space on your business’s walls to tell your brand’s story, promote new products and services, or enhance the look of your interior.
  • Vehicle Graphics – Vehicle signage is a fantastic marketing tool for attracting new clients. Wraps, decals and other solutions can be used to promote your business wherever you go.

Custom solutions from Signarama

Signarama’s local sign experts can assist you in developing informative and aesthetically appealing personalised signs that notify your consumers exactly where and how to discover your company. We collaborate with your business to make your vision a reality. Get in touch with us to get started on your business signage.


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