Vehicle signage to keep you on top!

Nowadays, efficiency is key in everything that we do. Whether in our personal or professional capacity, ensuring the task at hand is done as quickly and accurately as possible is always the best course of action. So, why would you not apply the same rule to advertising your business?

Customised vehicle signage gives you the opportunity to do just this. This signage helps get your brand in the public eye with dynamic designs by simply using your vehicle. There is, however, a slight catch. Mastering vehicle lettering design to maximise your return is not as simple as some think! It requires a careful, clever balance that not only represents your brand but also boosts it!

10 Tips to achieve GREAT Vehicle Lettering

  1. Give it the stamp of originality

Nobody likes a copycat… Seeing a great design and reconceptualising it for your brand may seem like a genius idea in theory. Still, in practice, it could do more harm than good. Your target audience will respond to design elements differently than another business, making a copy-paste design approach fairly ineffective for grabbing the attention you want.

  1. Not everyone has the knack…

We all have a friend, friend of friend, friend of a friend of a friend, who claims to know how to design great vehicle branding, but the harsh reality is that not everyone has the skill! Designing impactful lettering requires creative skills, expertise and the ability to tap into your unique brand. Make sure you are investing in a professional who is able to satisfy all these checkboxes.

  1. Keeping it suitable

Without the expert know-how, you may get stuck on the actual design of your lettering without considering how the design will look on the application. A crucial step in settling on vehicle signage is considering the vehicle receiving the branding and ensuring that the final design suits the vehicle’s overall aesthetic.

  1. Crystal clear

What good is vehicle lettering if no one can read it? No good! The font chosen for your lettering should look stunning and be legible enough for those driving by to decipher. Your goal is to pass on as much information about your business as possible, which makes being clear and concise a necessity.

  1. Remember your research

There is more to vehicle lettering than jumping onto the design boat. Thorough research should be gathered regarding popular vehicle design trends in your industry to determine what may have the best success and to avoid copycat designs.

  1. Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration!

There is a reason mood boards are so popular when making design choices. Finding inspiration for what suits your brand and is objectively a good design choice takes time to perfect. Be sure to consider all your options before settling on the one!

  1. Get a mock-up

No matter how incredible your imagination is, seeing a mock-up of what your final design will look like is the best way to help you visualise the result. It also ensures that you do not invest in a design that does not complement your brand or vehicle.

  1. Stay professional

The signage experts know exactly which programmes are best for mastering the design of your vehicle lettering. They will also help ensure that your final choice is realistically possible.

  1. Stick to the rules

There are certain guidelines to heed when creating vehicle branding. For example, ensuring the fonts you have used were sourced legally and that the images are not subject to copyright can keep you safe from legal infringements!

  1. Keep up with maintenance

Once your design is chosen, and lettering is installed, it is important to remember to maintain your branding! Small adjustments, such as handwashing your vehicle and avoiding abrasive tools and chemicals, can aid your lettering in lasting for years to come.

Turn heads with vehicle signage

Signarama can help your business create dynamic vehicle signage that keeps these design tips at the forefront! As industry experts, we have the know-how to create lettering that successfully attracts the attention of your target audience. Get in touch with your nearest signage team for more information.


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