Starting a Profitable Business

The signage industry is vibrant and dynamic, filled with countless opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. However, navigating it is challenging without guidance or support. This is where Signarama’s franchisee program excels. Signarama is one of the most profitable franchises to own in South Africa. With a proven business model, robust training offering, comprehensive support, and tested tools, we equip our franchisees with tools, tips and techniques to succeed in their new entrepreneurial journey.

Leveraging Signarama’s Franchise Offerings

Tapping Into The Techniques

One of the key benefits of becoming a Signarama franchisee is access to a comprehensive four-week training program. This program is designed to acquaint our new franchisees with the ins and outs of running a Signarama store and equip them with proven sales strategies to up-sell and cross-sell signage products. Both techniques are designed to significantly increase the average transaction value, resulting in a profitable store.

Benefiting From Bulk Purchasing Discounts
As a leading signage supplier, Signarama has entrenched relationships with the leading vendors and suppliers in the industry. Our franchisees benefit from these connections, which often include favourable purchasing discounts. Leveraging these prices lowers your production costs, which can be passed on to your customers to offer competitive pricing or retained to enhance your profit margins.
Learning From Success

Signarama is home to a diverse network of successful franchisees. By joining this network, you will learn from their experiences, mistakes, and successes. This peer-to-peer learning is incredibly valuable to guide your understanding of what works best in different markets to maximise profits wherever possible.

Leveraging a Dynamic Online Presence

Signarama’s tailored approach to national marketing ensures that each franchisee benefits from an established and prominent online presence. Our Marketing Committee ensures our online strategy remains relevant and constantly adapts to trends in search.  This leads to enhanced visibility over our competitors, improved customer engagement, and, ultimately, sales. As part of our commitment to innovation and staying ahead of trends, franchisees also benefit from lead generation from our annual competitions.

Signarama Franchising Opportunities

SUPER STORE: Super Store franchisees run operations from a fully equipped physical location, with all the essential resources and manufacturing tools. In this model, all products are produced in-house. The franchisee owner is responsible for staff management, local marketing, and overseeing project management.
STUDIO STORE: Studio Store franchisees operate from a physical location with fundamental finishing tools and resources. The store manufactures certain signage items in-house and outsources projects that surpass the limitations of its on-site equipment. The franchisee is responsible for staff management, local marketing, and project management.
XPRESS STORE: Xpress Store franchisees operate without the constraints of a physical location. They function remotely, eliminating the need to invest in equipment as all manufacturing tasks are outsourced. The franchisee’s role primarily involves selling signage, local marketing, and project management.
CONVERSION MODEL: Our conversion model allows existing signage business owners to join the Signarama network by converting to a Signarama Franchise.

Tap Into Unprecedented Success

With Signarama, you’re not just buying into a franchise. You are investing in one of the most profitable franchises to own in South Africa! If you are ready to take your signage business to the next level, join the Signarama franchisee network.


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