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What is the experience of first-time visitors to your business? Does your reception convey the image of a professional business, a leader in your industry?
reception signage
We place extensive emphasis with our customers on making a great first impression, and here’s why:
  1. The first impression lasts well beyond the moment due to the primacy effect. The primacy effect is what a person remembers first in a chain of events.  If the first visual experience of your company is your reception area, that is what the person will remember, and it will inform their impression of your business. A great reception area will have a positive influence, therefore, and the converse is true for a less interesting or attractive reception area.
  2. A great first impression triggers positive momentum. Remembering the primacy effect, starting off on a positive note prepares the landscape for a positive relationship down the line, which can in turn grow into something truly special. 
  3. You may have only one opportunity to win a new client’s business before they turn to a competitor. Thanks to the growth in online search, finding a competitor is easy, which means that if you want to win the client over, you have to arrive in front of your customers first, in their hearts and their minds.
  4. The most cost-effective way to grow your company is by referrals. If you have made a great first impression on a new customer, have won their business and your relationship has grown into a positive one, you are in a stronger position to ask for referrals from them.
As the industry leaders in signage across Southern Africa, we have the experience and expertise to work with any business, and any budget, to create a professional and impactful impression of any reception area.
Some of the ideas that one could consider for reception signage include:
  • Acrylic panels – these allow for a range of effects and styles, such as 3D lettering and frosting, as well as vinyl graphics on the surfaces. One can also match colours to your brand through the use of clear acrylic panels, that allow for frosting, graphics and lettering.
  • LED lighting – 3D letters and logos that are backlit with LED create an instant “wow” factor and are affordable. Any signage that is illuminated is extremely eye-catching, and therefore one of our most often recommended.
  • Textures – the signage texture chosen is an important extension of your brand. If your brand is intended to convey status, for example, then an aluminium material could be more suited.
  • Walls – graphics and wallpapers are an inexpensive alternative to communicate important messages such as company vision, mission, values or merely to impart an inspiring message.
  • Floors – first time visitors are inclined to be shy and habitually look down to avoid eye contact. By using available floor space to communicate welcoming messages, important information about your brand or business, and so forth, you not only make the visitor feel welcome, it also settles a nervous first-time visitor. 
Signarama franchisees are exceptionally experienced in reception signage that not only works, but will suit your budget. We have stores across Southern Africa, including Namibia and Zimbabwe, with trained franchisees ready to assist business with their signage needs. To find your closest Signarama, and experience a new “first” in signage, visit our website today!

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