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Professional services businesses are generally differentiated by the professional service offered. Orthodontists, for example, are not the same as dentists or oral hygienists. The professional services signage solutions selected for that business are therefore important, as they need to highlight what it is that differentiates the business in question. These differentiators, or unique selling points (USPs), should be intelligently and visually communicated through the signage chosen for that business.

professional services signage
Signarama has over 20 years of experience in the South African market, with a nationwide footprint. We are leaders in the industry, with the expertise to recommend effective signage for every application or any industry. For professional services business, these are the most popular signage options to consider:
  • Monument signs
    Well designed and executed monument signage imparts quality and permanence. This form of signage can be manufactured from concrete and hardscape materials, metal cabinets with routed lettering and backlighting, dimensional letters, or acrylic faced sign cabinets with digitally printed signage, to specification. These freestanding signs are versatile, highly visible and with the flexible design options of this signage, these marketing powerhouses are popular.
  • 3D letters
    3D signage is eye-catching and when illuminated, assures visibility from afar. This type of signage is highly customizable, the installation is simple, it is suitable for in- or outdoors and especially eye catching.
  • Illuminated or LED signs
    Any signage once illuminated, is highly attention grabbing. We manufacture illuminated signage in the form of neon signs, lightboxes, LED backlit, LED moving as well as 3D illuminated letters. Illuminated signage delivers effective advertising day and night, doubling your visibility, driving your marketing message 24/7/365 and delivering maximum impact.
  • Wall graphics
    Wall graphics and wallpapers are a highly effective branding tool to use the walls of your home office to promote your business. Visualize the message that you want your customers to see, our designers will package it into a branding solution that packs a visual punch for your business.
  • Reception signage
    Often the first impression of a business, reception signage should capture the essence of your brand. Consider whether you prefer a professional tone, or whether you prefer a more creative alternative with bolder designs and colours.
  • Hanging signs
    Using directional hanging signs as ceiling elements will brighten ceiling spaces and serve to direct and inform visitors in navigating the interior of your premises. There is a variety of materials that we use for the manufacture of these signs, delivering a creative solution suited to the needs of the business.
  • Engraved signs
    This form of signage is what we describe as “statement” signage. Engraving options available include laser and etching. Visually exceptional, engraved signs are especially striking on the eye.
At Signarama, our signage advice is backed by over 20 years’ experience in the South African market. It quite simply is the way to grow your business. For tailored professional services signage solutions, reach out to your closest Signarama, visit

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