Planning your signage for the festive season

The festive season is on our doorstep and you will most likely be gearing up for the sales and promotions that typically come with silly season. Signarama can assist you with getting all your collateral ready in time to make the most out of this popular shopping period.
5 Signage Considerations for the Festive Season
  1. Create custom eye-catching designs that attract customers and communicate your product or service adequately.
  2. Movement draws in the eye, so consider banners, flags or digital signage for maximum attraction value.
  3. Ensure you are easily found with illuminated signage such as lightboxes, LED backlit or 3D illuminated letters. Neon signage is just as effective.
  4. Stick to a design theme and bring elements of the theme into your POS and in-store signage solutions – such as elves, baubles, snowflakes etc. as this will excite shoppers or passers-by.
  5. Finalise your promotions in October to have ready by end of November. Now is the time to finalise what will be targeted and how it will be marketed for the December shopping season. The sooner your signage and POS products are ready, the better your sales will be.
5 Signage Considerations for the Festive Season
How to make the most of our product range for the festive season
  • Use outdoor signage to draw in the customer. Building signs, banners, flags, A-Frames, window signage or storefront signage can all act as your silent salesperson.
  • Advertise products, services or highlight promotions and sales through the use of in-store signage display items such as corex cut-outs, posters and other promotional solutions.
  • Customise shopper baskets, trolleys, bins and more with POS signage suited to retail solutions.
  • Make use of cable displays in windowfronts or speak to us about POS solutions that can make your windowfront attractive. Add window graphics and decals in creative ways to market the festive season and draw customers in.
  • Go the extra mile and add floor graphics to your promotional strategy. Floor graphics can guide customers in a certain direction, like to a promotional display or it can be used to socially distance them for safety and hygiene protocols.
The benefits of using retail, shop or storefront signage
  1. Drive feet into your store
  2. Influence consumer buying decisions or behaviour
  3. Promote your brand, product, service or promotion effectively
  4. Provide valuable information at a glance
  5. Cost-effective method of advertising
  6. Establish your brand reputation with professional signage
  7. Signage that is well designed is highly visible for maximum exposure
  8. Custom brand signage for your benefit
Reach out to your local Signarama store for assistance in retail, shop or storefront branding and signage or browse our handy product guide online.

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