Medical, Health & Safety Signage

The need for health, safety and medical signage has never been as important as it has this year. With an increase in health and safety protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen the need for signage in these sectors drastically increase. We take a look at these signage solutions in more depth.


The need for medical, health and safety signage:

We have a wide range of professional signage options to choose from when it comes to medical, health or safety signage. Ensure your patients, staff and visitors are informed, appropriately directed, or notified accordingly with our range of signs suited to these unique requirements.

  1. Communicate your location

Allow patients, visitors, and employees to easily locate your building with a sign.

  1. Communicate Restricted Areas

Inform or warn passers-by of restricted areas where access is prohibited or designated to specific people.

  1. Warning Signs

Ensure slippery stairs, exit routes etc. are clearly indicated with the use of warning signs.

  1. Highlight your institution

Use illuminated signage to highlight where your emergency room can be found, day or night.

  1. Communicate Operational Information

Clearly communicate operating or visiting hours with the use of signage.

  1. Wayfinding or Directions

Provide resources that allow visitors, employees, or patients to find their way around facilities.

  1. Communicate Redirection

Occasionally, redirection is needed, which can be done through the use of professional signage.

  1. Accessibility

Allow visually impaired visitors or patients to quickly find what they are looking for with braille signs or cater to those who are visually impaired through the use of flashing or illuminated arrows or signs.

  1. Clearly indicate public and private areas

Avoid confusion and frustration by using a sign to clearly mark which areas are restricted or are off bounds.

  1. Privacy

Create privacy with frosted glass in certain areas or rooms.

  1. Surveillance Warnings

If a particular area is under camera surveillance, make this known by the use of signage.

  1. Crisis Signage

We can quickly and professionally assist you with any crisis, emergency, or pandemic signage solutions you may need.

Through the use of professional medical, health and safety signage, you can minimise confusion and speed up processes when employees, patients and visitors are suitably informed. Signage has proven to decrease delays and waiting times as individuals are able to find their way around via the use of proper signs.

To assist our customers, we have also compiled a helpful product guide on Medical, Health & Safety Signage.
Reach out to your local Signarama store for assistance in this regard. We are geared up to help you quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

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