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Manufacturing and distribution businesses are unique in signage requirements from the perspective of having both internal and external signage “customers”. External customers include visitors to the premises, clients of the business, and the like whereas internal customers (being employees) require other considerations, particularly from a safety perspective. Depending on risks inherent in the manufacturing operation, safety signage could be more, or less important for different businesses.
safety signage
Signarama prides itself on a stellar history in South Africa, spanning more than 20 years. We are the way to grow any business, including yours, be it in manufacturing, in distribution or in any other industry. Our name is synonymous with tailored solutions that promote brand visibility. For any manufacturing and distribution operation, here are three must-have signage products for your business:
  • Building signs
    A range of building signage options is available for branding the exterior of the building premises. From lightboxes, to reception, metal and 3D signs, Signarama franchisees have extensive and creative options to offer customers. Illumination remains a clear winner, lighting up your business day and night for double the visibility on your brand. We manufacture neon signs, lightboxes, LED backlit and moving signs as well as 3D illuminated letters.
  • Safety signs
    We believe that a business conscious of the health and safety of its employees, is a business poised to be successful. With the correct safety signage in place, visible at all times and encouraging safe and healthy practices, the continuity of production is more assured. We offer the full range of safety signage, including signage requirements for Covid-19 applications. We also offer our clients a range of leading personal protective equipment and social distancing solutions, including safety screens and social distancing stickers. For business requiring a steady supply of social distancing stickers, we have a handy ecommerce platform where businesses can order decals online to be printed at their closest Signarama outlet.
  • Vehicle signage
    Distribution in South Africa occurs primarily through various forms of road freight, with courier services business featuring most prominently. A business or fleet vehicle is the most powerful branding opportunity for that business. Vehicle branding is also the proven most cost-effective form of advertising with unsurpassed ROI. Our vehicle wraps can be full, three quarter or half. Our vinyl signage solutions are bespoke designs and suited to the needs of each client. Magnets are useful for signage applications of a more temporary nature, such as executive vehicle signage requirements for business hours only.
Once you have experienced the Signarama difference, you will discover that our signage offering is vast. We are professionals in building signs, outdoor and indoor signs as well as promotional and vehicle signage. Big or small, illuminated, vinyl, 3D and more, signage from Signarama is simply superior, making us providers of choice to leading brands across Southern Africa. Visit the Signarama website to find your closest store, and let’s start a conversation in professional signage for your business.

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