Braille signage and our 12th official language

After the opening of public comment for the Constitutional Eighteenth Amendment Bill, the decision was made to consider sign language as South Africa’s 12th official language. In support of this shift, The Department of Basic Education has also announced its intention to incorporate this language into the existing curriculum and give it more recognition.
For the signage industry, this shift means that options that prioritise inclusivity, like braille signage, are more important than ever. Should this addition be accepted, and as other changes are implemented, the role of this signage will become invaluable.
braille signage

What does this mean for your business?

Making sign language an official language will be a significant achievement for the country’s deaf community and will lead change that will improve societal participation for all individuals. The official shift will also encourage businesses to make more effort for the inclusivity of all disabilities as government incentives are created to benefit and enrich these communities.

To keep up with the demands of this change, your business should be prepared to make certain adjustments that prioritise inclusivity. This includes integrating tactile and braille signage solutions in their space. These signs can be read by touch and inform the visually impaired to navigate unfamiliar spaces and gain access to critical information.

How Signarama can assist with braille signage:

Braille signage is essential for communication with visually impaired customers entering your space. This signage can help your business convey all necessary information regarding wayfinding, emergency precautions and more.

The experts at Signarama have the skills required to design and install this form of signage in the way that will most benefit your space. We understand the intricacies of braille and ensure that your message is portrayed accurately. Additionally, we can adjust the design elements of most traditional signage to accompany your braille solutions better.

This includes using raised prints for symbols and fonts to make them easy to decipher even if they lack braille. We can help you select a style for raised fonts that is easy to read and include other considerations such as case consistency. Lastly, we can confirm that the braille used on your signage adheres to the Unified English Braille Code, which is the most common form of braille in South Africa.

Our experts will help you select placements that provide the best efficiency for installation. We consider the best height and location to guarantee that visually impaired individuals in your space can easily find your signs.

Why choose Signarama

Signarama prides itself on being ahead of the curve for all signage initiatives. Our goal is to help businesses create signage that meets all their needs. With sign language in the running to be the next official language, the time to embrace inclusivity has arrived! Reach out to get started on braille signage that helps you do just that.


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