Illuminated vs Non-Illuminated Signage: How business profitability is affected

Signage that can have a significant impact on a business’s brand image and its bottom line is the holy grail for every marketer or business owner. We are posing the question of whether this is true more so for illuminated signage. In one international study (performed by Villanova University), insights that emerged from the research paints an interesting story.
illuminated signage

The University retained a professional market research firm to survey on-premise signage users, across a broad spectrum of business sizes, types, years in business, etc.  Of these respondent businesses, and on average:

  • Each had 1.71 signs in their business
  • Signs are illuminated 13.9 hours per day
  • Average hours of operation were 10.8 per day
  • >80% leave signs on outside of normal trading hours
  • 30% leave signs on 24/7

Respondents to the study indicated a very strong bias toward more effective performance of core marketing functions in an environment supported by illuminated signage, with stronger bias in the case of signage illumination extended after normal trading hours have ceased.  These respondents reported these specifics on the impact of illuminated rather than non-illuminated signage:

  1. Better highlights the business’ location.
  2. Help to reinforce advertisements and promotions.
  3. Assists to uniquely brand the location.
  4. Enhances the overall image of the establishment.

Respondents showed a clear bias towards improved performance of marketing functions, attainment of marketing goals and enhanced professional image within the business community.

Collectively, the survey results documented evidence showing greater attainment of marketing functions where illuminated signage is in place.  Given that the attainment of marketing objectives is a direct driver of bottom-line performance, the question as to whether or not illuminated signage (vs non-illuminated) positively impacts bottom line becomes moot. 

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