Mastering Your Brand Message

We often forget or disregard the importance of branding our office interiors. Mastering branding within your space may feel like a task low on your list of priorities, but it is one that should not be ignored!

The interior of your office is an extension of your brand – one that communicates with every individual entering your space. Office branding uses interior signage and design to ensure your environment reflects this message, but can be tailored to target communication of the company’s core values and principles.

Communicate Your Values With Interior Signage

When harnessing the power of interior signage to maximise your brand’s presence, it is crucial to find a balance that avoids the extremities of a sensory overload or a lack thereof. The signage chosen for your space should be cohesive, consistent and precise in expressing your brand.

Unfortunately, mastering this is not quite as easy as ensuring your logo is on the walls or adding your colours to a wall. It is a process that encompasses every detail in your space and plays a massive role in the impression you imprint on employees and clients. After all, signage is often the first point of contact your business has with new individuals entering your space!

Reception signs can immediately introduce your brand and make a lasting impression – which speaks to the importance of this signage’s design process. Depending on your brand, some office spaces may opt for the help of neon or perspex signage to add extra oomph!

Though, the branding does not stop there. Interior signage can be pulled through your entire space, from the windows to the wall. The wide range of window signage options available help you easily improve your brand message and bank on several practical benefits, such as adding privacy on glass partitioning and doors.

Other popular and vibrant signage to use for interior branding includes wallpaper, graphics, and decals. The endless customisation capabilities of wall signage options makes them the perfect addition to any space. Whether you are interested in creating a small statement piece or covering the walls of your interior, this signage does so flawlessly.

More practical benefits of interior signage include the navigation assistance of wayfinding signs. These signs can be custom designed to help guide individuals in your space whilst staying consistent with the core design elements of your business branding.

The Interior Signage Leaders

The most important step in integrating your brand within your office is the early stages of design and decision-making. This makes selecting a professional signage partner critical for success! As interior signage experts, Signarama has what it takes to make sure your brand shines! Reach out to your nearest experts to get started on your branding journey.

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