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In today’s market, sustainability is more than a buzzword—it’s a crucial aspect of consumer purchasing decisions. Businesses are increasingly extending their eco-friendly choices to various aspects of their operations, including branding and signage.

At Signarama, we understand the importance of sustainable practices and the role they play in modern business. Our range of eco-friendly signage solutions ensures that your branding efforts not only promote your business but also align with environmentally responsible practices.

Why should you choose eco-friendly signage materials?


Reduce your environmental footprint by using materials that are recyclable and produced sustainably.

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Enhance your brand reputation among eco-conscious consumers.


More durable materials deliver long-term savings.


Meet environmental regulations and standards.

Understanding eco-friendly signage materials available to you

Here’s what to look for in signage materials planned for your next signage project:

If you are in the market for plastic signs, here are the eco-friendly materials available for your signage project, with the advantages of each:

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene):

  • High resistance and durability
  • Fully recyclable
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Fluted Polypropylene Board:

  • Ideal for short-term signage
  • Waterproof and shatterproof
  • Cost-effective and fully recyclable

For aluminium composite signs, we recommend:

  • Lightweight and extremely durable
  • Manufactured in line with environmental management requirements
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications

To secure illuminated signage that is kind to the planet:

OK LED Lights:

  • Very low energy consumption
  • Long lifespan and highly durable
  • Ideal for eco-friendly illuminated signage

Eco-friendly polyester film alternatives include:

Polyester Film for Illuminated Signage:

  • Glossy, high-quality image
  • PVC-free and non-scratch
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Our ecological films are:

  • Environmentally friendly alternative to monomeric and polymeric materials
  • PVC-free and suitable for various applications

Our eco-friendly tensioning systems include:

  • Specifically developed for digital print industry
  • PVC-free and low ink consumption
  • Durable with a long lifespan

Our lightweight aluminium frames are:

  • Compatible with various materials
  • Reusable and recyclable

Even wall signage has eco-friendly solutions through:

Non-self-adhesive media, featuring:

  • Brilliant durability
  • Designed for eco-solvent ink
  • PVC-free and excluding harmful substances like lead, cadmium, and mercury

Making your signage solutions eco-friendly

At Signarama, we are committed to helping businesses make eco-friendly signage choices. Our team of experts will guide you through selecting the best materials, considering factors such as design, location, and intended lifespan. Whether you need business branding or safety signage, we provide solutions that meet your needs while offering environmental peace of mind.

Ready to make the switch to eco-friendly signage? Contact your closest Signarama store today to learn more about our sustainable signage solutions and how we can help your business make a positive impact on the environment.


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