Corporate and Office Signage

No sign is a sign of no business! Are you open for business and do passers-by know this? Have you left them looking for a sign? Ensure your corporate and office signage signals that you are open and ready for business! Studies have indicated that consumers base their perception of your business on the quality of your signage. What does your signage say about you?


Make the most of your company signage with these useful tips:

  1. Professional Signage by Experts

Your signage is the face of your business. Ensure you entrust this to professional experts who will portray your business in the best light possible!

  1. Maintain Brand Identity

Ensure your brand identity is communicated on and offline. Your physical marketing efforts and signage should not be disconnected from your online efforts. Match your traditional and digital marketing with proper branding identity.

  1. Be the Best

Competition is rife! Aim to get the winning edge over your competitors by coming up with creative marketing campaigns which are further supported by signage and promotional solutions. Don’t imitate – innovate!

  1. Tell Your Story

The best marketing tactic is to tell a story your audience can connect and interact with. Spend proper time planning your marketing materials and campaigns.

  1. Avoid Mixed Messages

Stick to the tone of your brand. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Back this up with your marketing and signage efforts.

  1. Monitor Your Brand

Conduct regular surveys, audits and keep an eye on analytics or stats of any kind. These are good indicators of where you can improve going forward.

  1. Update Your Brand

The best way to stay current and in demand is to update and refresh your branding and marketing material every 5 years. This includes your signage and promotional items.

  1. Maintain High Standards

Ensure your signage and promotional material is well presented, professional and in good condition. This further extends to your signage. Keep them regularly maintained for maximum exposure!

Company or office signage should be seen as an extension of your brand. From communicating where you are located from the street, to the interior of your business, your branding and communication should be clear and consistent.

To assist our customers, we have also compiled a helpful product guide on Corporate and Office Signage.
Reach out to your local Signarama store for assistance with your signage. We look forward to developing a signage solution to promote your business.

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