Business Branding | Why is signage so important?

Many business owners forget that branding is a means for others to identify the business and that branding leaves a lasting first impression. The importance of this is that it has been proven in surveys that customers base the perception of a brand by the quality of their signage. Your logo, font, colour composition and contrast all reflect a meaning and intent. Getting your branding right is crucial to building your business and cementing it in the minds of your customers.

When building your brand, you will want to include marketing techniques and solutions that highlight who you are, what you do and that you are good at it. This is where professional and attractive signage comes into play. Your signage is a reflection of your business which is why it is crucial to have it produced and installed or applied by industry experts.

Investing in high-quality signage is a great business decision as the return on this investment can last for up to five years. Hiring seasoned experts to carry out your signage and branding requirements is the next smart move.

Why partner with Signarama for all your branding and signage needs?
  1. We have over 20 years of experience in the South African market and even more in the international signage industry.
  2. Our workforce is highly skilled and talented.
  3. We use creative and efficient production and design techniques and applications in signage and branding.
  4. We are professional installers and applicators that are detail orientated.
  5. We use only the best quality materials and technology for all our signage products.
  6. We are an authoritative voice in the industry, trusted by many Big Brands.
  7. We have a client-focused work ethic and want to help your business grow.
  8. Our stores are a network of franchisees connected nationwide enabling us to collaborate on national projects in different locations.
  9. We are a credible member of FASA (Franchise Association of Southern Africa).
  10. We offer a complete signage solution, from design to application, installation and maintenance.
  11. We understand what it takes to grow a business as we are entrepreneurs ourselves.
  12. We are passionate about branding and signage.
Why partner with Signarama for all your branding and signage needs?
How will signage boost your business?
Professional outdoor, indoor and vehicle signage boosts sales as customers know where to find you through the effective placement and visibility of your signage. If your business is ‘hard to find’, you lose out on potential walk in’s and sales. Memorable signage makes a lasting impact and can keep your clients coming back for more.
In short, business signage assists in:
  • Increasing brand exposure and awareness
  • Attracts attention
  • Entices potential customers
  • Reminds existing customers to return
  • Cements your position in the market
Contact your local Signarama store for assistance, find our stores online. Browse our online Product and Industry Guides to help you choose the best signage and branding for your business.

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