5 Signage ‘Must Do’s’ to successfully bring your business out of lockdown

Achieving maximum exposure and leads is crucial now more than ever in order to survive and thrive as a business. Business owners will be hard pressed to simply ignore suitable branding solutions in order to promote and grow their bottom line. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand not only the importance of remaining relevant in uncertain times but the need to successfully market yourself to drive leads and ultimately sales.

Here are 5 signage solutions that can aid your business in succeeding:

  1. Vehicle Branding
    Branding your vehicle is the quickest and most cost-effective method to promoting your business. Ultimately, you transform your vehicle or fleet into mobile billboards that are noticed by up to 70% of people on the road! This will ensure that you have maximum exposure while your vehicle is on the road. You can brand your vehicle with us in a few ways, meaning your budget can be accommodated by different vehicle signs.


  1. Building Signs
    There is no mistaking the effectiveness of business signage for success. Consumers or passers-by rely on professional and striking signage to find you. If your signage is of a poor quality or missing, chances are likely that you won’t attract business. Signs are used to communicate and highlight your brand so you can be found. Illuminated signage provides the best exposure day and night if you are looking for a great way to market yourself.


  1. Indoor Signs
    Various signs for indoor use such as window signage, illuminated signs or reception signs are useful in providing visitors or consumers with the best business or retail experience needed in order for them to return. Indoor signage goes a long way to informing and welcoming people to your establishment and if they feel you are a reliable and professional business, they will refer you or be back for repeat business again.


  1. POS Items
    Point of sale signage items can inform and assist waiting customers to procedures or processes, or product information that they may require. With lockdown being lifted, various new procedures will need to be implemented to assist customers or consumers with health and safety information. POS items are the perfect solution for this.


  1. Promotional Signage
    Use A-frame signage or posters similarly as POS items to communicate what you would like to share with your clientele. This can include social distancing or health and safety messages such as decals, stickers and more.

At Signarama, we offer our customers a range of signage solutions to support their business in all seasons of economic change. We are South Africa’s biggest signage franchise brand, and part of the global Signarama Group. If you are interested in joining our franchise family, reach out to us and let’s start a conversation about a new chapter for you and your business. 


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