Branding your business interior

For most businesses, professionalism, reputation, and identity are important. It is through the use of branding and signage, that a business is able to portray this, along with showcasing values and embracing its culture. Signage plays a crucial role in portraying all this important information to both employees and consumers. Branded signage is about more than just a logo, however. It is an extension of the brand, the silent salesperson and cheerleader for your business.

Whether your goal is to promote your business, launch a product or service or build on your brand’s culture, by branding your business interior, you will be making effective use of the space that you have to make a memorable impact. We have in a previous blog post discussed the importance of professional reception signage. In this article, we are focusing on the value of window and wall graphics.

Did you know that?
  • Up to 65% of people are visual learners meaning they retain visual cues better than text?
  • More than 65% of visual information can be recalled up to 3 days after being exposed to it?
  • Visual marketing triggers emotions and can encourage consumer behaviour?
Window graphics and frosting can:
  • Bring a business space to life with the use of window graphics, lettering or frosting
  • Maximise promotions and sales with window graphics
  • Enforce brand awareness and identity
  • Create areas of privacy and solitude with window film or frosting
  • Invite customers inside
  • Communicate that you are open
Wall graphics are great because they are:
  • Highly customisable and interchangeable
  • Can act as a permanent or temporary marketing mechanism
  • Enforce your brand identity, company culture or vision with wall graphics
  • Transform walls into exciting or interesting vertical features
  • Visual marketing mechanism that attracts attention
  • Cost-effective means of internal and external communication
A branded interior for your business will not only breathe life, colour and vibrancy into your décor, it is incredibly motivating for employees to work in an environment that is visually appealing.
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