Big Brand Benefit in Signage!

This year has presented challenges for business owners and entrepreneurs alike! 2020 has been a tumultuous and unkind year to us in the form of economic downturns, junk status and the pandemic. We all found ourselves in the same storm, yet our boats were different. Big brands were able to weather the storm in their luxury liners while small business owners were holding on to what they could in their life rafts. Many boats sunk and many more still will. Amidst this doom and gloom, we are happy to report that our franchisees were able to weather the storm as we were all in the same boat!


The Signarama Franchise model was kept afloat due to our tried and tested franchising and business support model. Throughout the year, we have been in constant contact with our teams across the country and have supported them with marketing drives, campaigns aimed at lead generation and operational support. It is through our established and trusted model that our franchisees were able to stay on board and looking ahead – we continue ahead with our support model at the stern!

We are proud to say that our heritage and support model has proven yet again why Signarama continues to be a profitable franchise opportunity.

If you would like to join our successful crew or convert your current branding and signage business – we can assist you every step of the way.

What we offer to our franchisees:

  • Financial Training
  • Human Resource Training
  • Production Training
  • Marketing Training
  • Continuous Marketing Support
  • Access to established systems and processes
  • Ongoing training and communication to help you attain success
  • Shared industry knowledge with peer-to-peer networking opportunities
  • Tried and tested business model
  • Ready to own options
  • Be part of a global and highly recognisable and trusted signage brand
Our franchising options:
Xpress Store
  1. Reduced investment
  2. Lower Fixed Costs
  3. Up to 60 Square Metres
  4. Possibility to convert to a Full Store
Full Store
  1. A higher gross profit
  2. Automated production systems
  3. Up to 250 Square Metres
  4. Control of the entire signage process
Reach out to us if you would like to join the world’s most successful signage franchise. We look forward to welcoming you on board.

Unit 66 Studio Park
5 Concourse Crescent, Lonehill
Johannesburg, South Africa 2062
012 285 0412

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