Why the “Hoorah!” for Retail Signage?

The season of colourful decorations, large red signs and an influx of feet is here. Now, all that’s needed is an update of your retail signage! When used properly, the potential of these signs is exponential. From boosting your business’s overall sales to increasing brand awareness, this signage can achieve it all.

8 Tips to Keep you Winning

1. Tap into the outdoors…

What is your outdoor signage doing for you? We hope it’s the most. As a retail store, one of your main goals is to improve sales, which starts by getting feet through the door! Outdoor signage is a brilliant tool that uses interesting graphics and compelling copy to catch attention and draw people in.

2. Get with the flow!

It’s all in the name. Informational signs inform potential customers of what they might need to know. These signs do everything from navigating shoppers to providing them with crucial information about your latest specials, making them essential for directing your customer flow.

3. Stay persuasive.

Signage that persuades consumer behaviour is something you’ll want to prioritise come sale season. Thoughtfully designed retail signs, with suitable copy and dynamic visuals, can capture attention, generate interest and encourage action.

4. Ace the accessibility.

Your space should be welcoming to all customers, which makes accessibility signage necessary! These signs make your space easier to navigate for differently abled individuals by providing information and utilising unique signage systems.

5. Get creative!

Sometimes getting a little creative with your signage is all you need. If it’s appropriate for your brand voice, consider incorporating unique quotes to capture the attention of your target audience. After all, being different pays off!

6. Catch ‘em with lights.

Nothing grabs the eye like a shining light – which is what drives the popularity of illuminated signage! Adding light to your sign can immediately draw attention and help guide your consumer’s focus.

7. The colour theory.

Getting the colours of your signage right is more important than most realise… The right colours can give your customers a memorable visual experience and even trigger purchasing decisions. Ensure you consult with signage experts before settling on the colour of your sign.

8. Keep it simple.

Not interested in anything flashy? That’s okay. Sometimes, keeping it simple is best suited to your brand voice. The minimalist look is definitely trending and might be the most suitable signage design choice for your brand.

Time to target your shoppers

Signarama can help your business create impactful retail signage that meets its maximum potential. We’ve got insight into all the tricks of the trade to ensure your signage targets in-store shoppers and keeps them coming back for more! With the festive season looming, the sooner you get started – the better! Get in touch with our experts today.

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