5 Types of signage every office needs…

Sometimes forgotten thanks to the focus on the hard elements of interior décor, interior office signage plays an important role in the character of any workspace. From interior wayfinding signage to printed decals, signage throughout your office space is important to reinforce your company image, ethos and values for both employees and visitors, but what is the best signage to use for your office interior? In this article, we share 5 helpful types of signage that every office should have.
  1. Reception signs

When visitors arrive at your premises, they will seek assurance that they are in the right place.  Reception signs serve to help your business stand out and further establish your brand identity.  First impressions are vital, and the quality of your reception signage will therefore set the stage for how visitors will perceive your business overall. If it is important to visitors to gain a sense of permanence of your business, ensure that your reception signage is impressive from the get-go.

  1. Wayfinding signs

Signage that assists visitors in navigating your premises will promote a sense of welcome.  For first-time visitors especially, one wants to avoid that visitor feeling like the proverbial duck out of water.  Help those visitors to find their way through your building with informative wayfinding and directional signage, especially if your office layout is complex. 

  1. Window frosting

If your office interiors are especially bright due to higher volumes of glass interiors as opposed to dry- or brick and mortar walling, privacy is an important factor to consider.  One wants to impart a sense of confidentiality and privacy for discussions that occur behind closed doors, even if those doors are glass.  Window frosting creates immediate privacy, with the scope to add decorative elements to the design.  This signage is easy to maintain and especially cost effective. 

  1. Safety signs

Safety signs are designed to promote a safe and sound working environment.  From where to proceed in the event of emergency with the use of visible exit signs, to required protocols when entering certain restricted zones, safety signs ensure that compliance concerns are addressed through controlling human movement and behaviour. 

  1. Wall signage

Use the interior walls of your offices to promote morale and employee engagement.  Interesting wall graphics include displaying your company values and mottos, inspirational messages and leadership quotes.  Interior signage can set the tone for the attitude of your team and the overall character of your business, influencing everybody present in the office, be they staff members or visitors.   

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