4 Mistakes to Avoid with Exhibition Signage

Exhibitions, trade shows, and conventions can be great opportunities for businesses to gain visibility and customers by displaying their products and services in a public setting. Although participation in these events can be both expensive and time-consuming, it is well worth the effort if done correctly, thanks to the many opportunities that more popular exhibitions and trade shows offer to make new acquaintances.  

It is easy to make mistakes when designing exhibition signage—mistakes that can have dire consequences for your business’s success at the event. Let’s look at some of the most common exhibition signage missteps and how you can avoid them.

exhibition signage

Difficult to read

The exhibition show floor is generally an expansive space and visitors could approach from any direction.  Your signage therefore needs to communicate clearly at all times and be visible from afar so that visitors will see it as soon as they enter the exhibition hall or room. Overly wordy text should be avoided because it will be difficult to read at a distance. Keep it simple with minimal words and large fonts so that everyone can read what you are trying to convey quickly and easily.

Over-complicated design

Prioritize and be selective about communicating just one or two things with each sign. Having too much information on one sign or having multiple signs which contain overlapping information will only confuse your audience instead of conveying a clear message about what your business offers or what visitors should do next when they approach your stand/booth. 

Poor quality signage

Quality matters when it comes to creating an effective exhibition sign.  It is not good practice to try to save money by going with the cheapest option available because this will likely result in poor quality materials which won’t stand up well against the hustle-and-bustle of an active show floor environment nor last long-term if you plan on reusing your signage at future events. Investing in more durable materials such as plastic or metal ensures that your signage stands out from competitors who have opted for flimsy displays instead.

Insufficient use of colour

Colour plays an important role in attracting attention, so opting for dull colours would not help catch the eye and draw visitors to your stand.  Rather than understated shades, opt for bolder colours that will help make your signs stand out amongst all the other stands around you. Additionally, carefully consider how different colours work together on one sign – too many bright and potentially clashing colours may end up being distracting instead of inviting, so use caution when combining bright hues together on one display piece!

Closing thoughts

Exhibitions, trade shows, and conventions offer great opportunities for businesses to gain visibility and connect with new customers by displaying their products and services in a formal public setting, but there are several common missteps associated with creating effective exhibition signage which must be avoided if you want those efforts to pay off.

Pay attention to detail when creating your exhibition signs—ensuring they are readable from a distance without too much design clutter; investing in quality materials rather than cutting corners; and selecting bold but complementary colours, to give you the best possible chance of success at capturing potential customer’s attention.

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