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Business owners often misunderstand the difference between a standalone business venture and a franchise opportunity, though this differentiation can be crucial for success! Research reveals that franchised businesses have a 90% success rate compared to most independent ventures, typically with a success rate of 20%. These differences are significant for entrepreneurs entering a new, unfamiliar market. Let’s unpack why a signage store franchise may be the skip your next step needs!
Why does franchising work?

A primary attribute of entrepreneurship is its inherent risk, which is why franchising is such a popular choice. A signage store franchise will benefit from the risk that has come before them and offer a proven formula for success for new entrants within its franchised fold.

Franchising provides access to a community of like-minded individuals to support and guide you through the process, which forms a part of the package. With Signarama, we have outlined a conversion strategy that allows new stores in our network to enjoy ongoing benefits.

The benefits of a Signarama conversion includes:

  • A once-off franchise fee
  • Training for you and your employees
  • Access to leading POS systems
  • Marketing assistance
  • Online exposure
  • Brand recognition
  • Leveraging national buying power
  • National digital marketing support
The Advantages of Franchising

The popularity of franchising over establishing a standalone business has gained more momentum in the last few years, and with good reason!

As we’ve touched on, the clear success rate of franchised businesses compared to standalone ones are not to be ignored. With the operation of a proven system, the only variable of your success is the management of day-to-day operations. This leaves less room for error and allows mistakes to be more easily remedied. We also aid in avoiding these risks by providing comprehensive training to your team to make sure your in-house support system is good to go!

Another clear benefit of franchise opportunities is their access to an established and trusted brand. When you enter our signage franchise, you use the Signarama name, which is already recognised as the leading signage provider in South Africa. This assists with client procurement, sale growth and more.

Signarama offers our franchisee holders complete transparency. You can expect the following expenses when converting your existing signage store into a Signarama franchise.

  • Franchising fee: R185 000 (minimum 50% upfront, balance may be paid off by prior arrangement)
  • Equipment/Rebrand for store: R50 000**
  • Royalty fees (Year 1): 6% of Turnover, subject to Royalty Cap Incentive
  • Marketing fees: Min R4 500, Max R6,000

* Dependant on final site selected and equipment package.

** Estimated. Rebrand to SAR spec for own account.


The time is now…

Running a business is an enriching experience, though mistakes can severely impact your growth at times. Growing a business during a pandemic means even less room for growing pains. Franchise opportunities ensure that you mitigate these mistakes.

Established in 2000 in Southern Africa, Signarama is the only franchised signage company in the nation. If you are interested in getting started with a signage store franchise, reach out to our franchise office for more information.


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