Why your new Signarama store will be the local leader

owning a franchise
With the ongoing need for signage solutions, the boom of the signage industry shows no signs of slowing! As the largest sign franchise in the world, and the only one in South Africa, owning a franchise with Signarama offers further access to success through a tried and tested equation.

Infiltrating beneficial signage markets, such as those for vehicle branding, is made easy with the Signarama name supporting your every move. With access to a unique set of tools offered to every Franchise owner, you can easily dominate to become the vehicle branding leader in your community.

How Signarama Franchising Supports Your Goals

Refined Systems & Procedures

Any business owner will know that refining management software pertaining to quoting and invoicing is essential to offer potential and existing clients a hassle-free experience. In addition, these processes are critical for ensuring successful sale conversion. When you choose to franchise as a Signarama store, you are given access to established systems and procedures that have shown years of success – saving you time, energy, and money.

Marketing Assistance

Generating quality leads for your signage business is as crucial as converting them. With the backing of the trusted Signarama name and national marketing support, we assist franchisee owners in maintaining a professional and consistent online presence to make it easy for potential clients to find them. They also benefit from national competition initiatives that include large marketing campaigns geared towards brand improvement and lead generation.

Comprehensive Training

Franchisee owners can rest assured that their endeavour will flourish with the assistance of comprehensive training. We extend this support to franchise owners and their team to ensure that they are equipped with every piece of knowledge they will need along the way. This training will further the efficiency of your operations which, in the long haul, has a positive domino effect on client satisfaction.

Franchisee Support

With a network of Signarama franchisees across the nation, your franchise can enjoy the opportunities afforded to your business for larger vehicle branding projects, for example, for corporations spanning the nation, through franchisee collaboration. This benefit allows your franchise to offer clients limitless branding opportunities, no matter how large their project.

Furthermore, your individual growth is supported by all Signarama franchisee owners who happily lend the wealth of knowledge gained through their own experience.

Kicking Into Gear

Running a signage store is an enriching experience that offers many growth opportunities. However, embracing the ease of owning a franchise offers all this and more. Whilst simple mistakes can stunt the growth of your business, a franchised store offers more room for growing pains and more support to avoid them altogether!

If you are interested in dominating the vehicle branding game in your community or making strides in any other share of signage solutions, Signarama is your solution! Reach out to our franchise office for more information.


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