Why branding your company is important

The choices made in branding your company are vital for any business, because of the impact that it has. It determines the perception of your business; it can drive new customers to you and promote brand awareness. By ensuring that your business strikes a professional appearance, you are more likely to build trust with existing and potential customers.

The signage that you choose is equally important in setting the desired professional tone and this is where Signarama’s experience and expertise as leaders in the signage industry, serves as a differentiator for our clients’ signage needs.

branding your company
We assist our clients in their branding needs to ensuring that the signage choices that they make, will have the intended impact and will fit their budget. Impactful signage choices that you can make for your business include the following:
  • Building signs – the choice of building sign that you make will determine whether your building becomes part of the fabric of the city. The best building signs always are, as striking signage becomes part of a community’s mental map of their neighbourhood. We assist our clients in making important decisions such as materials to be used, whether the signage should be illuminated, and much more.
  • Outdoor signs – eye-catching outdoor signage aids a business in claiming space in the streetscape, roadside and skyline, ensuring a brand is noticeable to passers-by. We support our clients by advising on the optimal location to position signage, the size of signage to choose and most effective styling options.
  • Indoor signs – carry your outdoor signage through your interior with the use of professional branded signage crafted for indoor use. Create the perception you wish everyone to feel with your branded signage. With a mix of indoor signage, your brand identity can shine!
  • Promotional signs – make a statement with custom branded promotional signage. Promotional signage is designed to attract attention and leave a lasting impression. Our range of branding solutions are designed for exhibitions, trade shows, events or as part of your current marketing arsenal.
  • Vehicle branding – leveraging the branding potential of vehicle signage is the most cost-effective marketing strategy for any sized business. Vehicle signage is a high-impact medium with a relatively low advertising investment. Professionally branded vehicles are highly effective as mobile billboards, constantly attracting business day and night.
At Signarama, we believe that the difference is in the detail. We take great care when dealing with clients to ensure a smooth signage experience, from concept to installation. We would like to be your signage partner in branding your company.
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