What type of marketing should you, as franchise owner, be doing?


Once you have opened your Signarama franchise store, it is your responsibility to effectively market your business to attract the right type of business. Of course, you will benefit from the Signarama brand’s marketing efforts, but there are certain marketing strategies that you as business owner could implement to better your chances of success. These include:  


Advertising is no longer limited to print media. Nowadays, you can advertise in printed mediums like magazines and newspapers, as well as TV and radio advertisements, billboards, and thanks to advancements in technology, online platforms such as social media, websites, etc. For the best ROI, you should try to advertise your business across all different platforms – thereby ensuring that you reach a wider audience.

Direct mail

Thanks to the advancement of digital mediums, e-newsletters allow you to reach your clients and potential clients directly via email, and is a great medium to promote your business, special events, promotions, etc.


Once a potential client interacts with your business, it is time to put your sales system into effect. Your process should be simple, and you should present your potential client with information in a way that it is easy to absorb, weigh the pros and cons, and make an informed decision on whether to do business with you.

You should have a sales pitch in place for person-to-person sales, phone sales, and online sales (via emails, social media platforms, etc.).

Special Promotions

Promotions are not only effective in making people aware of your brand – they also encourage people to interact with your business and create interest in your brand. Some popular special promotions include giveaways, competitions, special events, customer appreciation initiatives, etc. Hosting such events or promotions is a great way to attract and interact with existing and new customers.

To ensure the success of your store’s promotion or event, you should get the message out to the masses. This can be done by advertising through various mediums, including print, TV, radio and online platforms.

Public Relations

Public relations are important to establish and maintain a positive brand image in the public’s eye. Some PR campaigns include press releases, company sponsorships, goodwill events, and more. With the internet, it is now possible for businesses to launch PR campaigns more often. When it comes to your store’s PR, make sure that you establish your brand effectively in your community.

Online Marketing

Online marketing allows every business owner to effectively market their business, even without a big marketing budget. The internet is an effective marketing medium as it allows for and encourages interaction with potential clients.

For the best results, create high-quality content to share on your online platforms. This includes your website, social media pages, etc.

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