Vehicle Magnets: A cost effective and modern marketing dream

Modern marketing is essential for businesses in all industries. With the rise of digital marketing, small businesses might feel left behind in the plight of giving themselves visibility. Sifting through marketing options and figuring out which of them are the best is not only time-consuming but a real challenge without expert knowledge. It also leaves plenty of gaps to forget the traditional methods, like vehicle magnets!
vehicle magnets

They’re magnetic… Literally and figuratively!

Vehicle signage is nothing new in the signage world. In fact, the visibility potential of these signs has led to them being known as one of the most effective marketing methods for small businesses. They have the potential to build your brand’s recognition, unobtrusively hit the mark on your target audience and create a positive first impression for your business – without you having to lift a finger!

The 7 winning benefits of vehicle magnets:

1. Quick start your signage

The greatest thing about vehicle magnets it that once you have them, you’re set to go! This signage does not need rocket science or funky tools to install – it’s as simple as placing it on a spot of your vehicle that gets a lot of eye action.

2. Great for rain, and shine, and hail, and…

These signs are designed to withstand it all. Regardless of your environment or the elements you are exposed to, vehicle magnets are durable enough to handle it without losing their charm.

3. Extra nice to your vehicle

A common worry for business owners looking into vehicle magnets is whether they will cause any harm to the vehicle they’re placed on. The quick and easy answer is: No! These signs are completely harmless to the exterior of your vehicle and will cause no damage to it.

4. Easy to squeeze into the budget
In addition to out-of-this-world signage, we can also assist with printing business cards and promotional branded items. These can be effective tools in your business’s promotion efforts due to their ability to create a lasting impression!
5. 5 Stars for versatility

A cool thing about vehicle magnets is that it is just that, a magnet! This allows these signs to be easily repurposed and reused on any magnetic surface should you ever wish not to have them displayed on your car.

6. Wipe on, wipe off – or something like that

Are you running a new marketing campaign for your business? Maybe you have some short-term specials you would like to promote instead… Whatever the scenario, vehicle magnets offer an easy on-and-off swap-out.

7. Beyond your wildest dreams

The benefits of vehicle magnets are never-ending, and if you thought they would stop with the design, you were wrong! These signs offer endless dynamic design options to help you meet your marketing goals and professionally represent your brand.

Become a client magnet with Signarama

Vehicle branding is loved for its effectiveness, affordability and potential to market to literally hundreds of clients. As the signage experts, we have the know-how to get you prepped with dynamic vehicle magnets that will draw in your target audience. Reach out to your nearest Signarama store to bring your vision to life.


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