How to create more visual engagement in your retail space

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Consider all the visual interactions your make throughout the day, from those made at home to in-store. These interactions begin on our mobile devices and pull through to all the public spaces we enter, which is why your business needs to market visually. Using retail signage to tell your customers a visual story allows you to:
  • Emphasise your business’s brand
  • Share important accomplishments
  • Highlight your mission statement
  • Add interesting design elements
  • Market unique product ranges
Creating a visually appealing space with Signarama
  1. Direct your customers

Most shoppers follow an instinctual path when walking through a retail store. This is why creating an intentional path of movement for your customers is essential to guide their gaze. Give your customers a space that flows freely, is easy to navigate and encourages them to shop your most popular products or services. Using carefully designed wayfinding signage or displays can help do just this.

  1. Design for your brand

The signage in your space should reflect the brand you want consumers to engage with. Projecting branding throughout design elements in your space can enhance your customers experience whilst highlighting your brand. Every detail matters, from floors to walls, and the experts at Signarama can assist with signage for all these surfaces.

  1. Indoor and outdoor signage

Signage is a big part of your customer’s experience and can be a significant determining factor in the success of a sale. Effective signage advertises your brand, informs your customers and identifies crucial information. Since consumers want to know where they are heading and what your brand is, it is imperative to use indoor and outdoor signage to make this consumer connection. Whilst outdoor signs can highlight your brand, indoor signage will emphasise your promotions.

  1. Using wall graphics

You can easily enhance your customer’s shopping experience by displaying wall graphics that complement your brand. Graphics can catch and keep consumer attention and are a fantastic and affordable way to customise your retail space.

  1. Use signage in overlooked areas

Revamping spaces that customers generally overlook with expertly designed signage is a great way to bring life to the area. This can include specific areas of your store or surfaces such as your floors and ceiling. Any unused space is game for prime advertising with our team of professionals. Bathrooms and fitting rooms are also commonly unused for advertising, though they are excellent spaces to enforce your brand’s image.

Whichever route you choose to follow, the main goal is to create a unique visual experience for shoppers entering your space – one that makes them feel engaged. Signarama has experience creating cohesive retail signage for various spaces that suit industry trends whilst meeting the brand’s vision. For assistance in creating the best signage to appeal to your customers, feel free to reach out to your nearest Signarama.


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