Vehicle Signage

Did you know that regionally we brand over 5 500 vehicles annually? The branding potential of fleet graphics or vehicle wraps is a cost-effective and highly fruitful marketing mechanism. Professional vehicle branding or graphics enables you to transform your company vehicle into a marketing magnet. The reach and exposure of vehicle signage is the most successful form of advertising a business can invest in.

Attractive and professional vehicle signage is seen on the road by thousands of road users and even when the vehicle is parked, it is acting as a marketing mechanism.

The easy process of branding vehicles with Signarama
  1. Client briefs their local Signarama store – or collaboration between our network of stores on the branding they require
  2. The vehicle or fleet is measured and photographed
  3. A written quote is prepared for the client’s approval
  4. Digital artwork, graphics or decals are professionally designed
  5. The client signs off on the design
  6. The design goes into production with high-grade quality material
  7. The wrap, decals or lettering is professionally applied to the vehicle or fleet
The easy process of branding vehicles with Signarama
Our range of vehicle sign and branding options to choose from:
  • Full Wrap: We wrap all the panels of a vehicle including one-way vision on the rear window.
  • ¾ Wrap: We wrap most of the panels of the vehicle leaving ¼ unwrapped.
  • Half Wrap: We wrap selected side panels of the vehicle with the rear window included.
  • Vehicle Lettering: We print and cut the lettering from vinyl.
  • Vehicle Decals: Graphics, images and lettering are essentially vehicle stickers.
  • One-Way Vision: We digitally design and print vinyl graphics that are applied to the windows of a vehicle. These graphics do not obstruct vision from within the vehicle outwards.
  • Magnetic Signs: We apply a high-quality vinyl overlay to a magnetic backing that can be placed on a vehicle.
The Benefits of Vehicle Signage
  1. Vehicle signage is long-lasting with a lifespan of up to 5 years
  2. Vehicle signage is visible 24/7
  3. Cost per impression is low
  4. High impact advertising
  5. Cost-effective
  6. Vehicle signage is UV-resistant, durable, and weather-proof
Transform your vehicle or fleet into a mobile billboard and see how your business grows. Reach out to your local Signarama store and enquire on our branding and signage solutions suited to your business. For more information, browse our product guide online here.

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