Top 5 Signage Trends for 2022

signage trends
Although signage is a vital platform for business identification, it is not the only reason signage is essential for your space. Thoughtful signage acts as a centralised communication platform to connect your business with existing and potential consumers. As a result, carefully considering signage trends can benefit your brand’s marketing efforts as consumers are more receptive to on-trend design developments.

Embracing trends, being true to your brand and staying ahead of the curve on your signage will serve to differentiate your business over your competitors.  Here are the top design trends to consider as we head into 2022.

  1. The Magic of Minimalism

prowling the 2021 trends will know that minimalism is nothing new. Minimalism has been around for years and has significantly grown in popularity in the last decade. Now, we find 2022 embracing it with a twist!

Minimalism with a dash of colour is this year’s Northern Star. Maintaining a clean, uncluttered design with a mixture of soft natural colours delivers business signage with logos that emit an air of sophistication without foregoing on colour.

  1. Welcoming the Simplicity of Serif

There are always a few favourite fonts with each batch of design trends, and 2022 happens to be the year of the Serif! This traditional font features small decorations for a charmingly old-fashioned look that many modern brands now favour.

This font evokes simplicity and can communicate a sense of reliability of your brand. The traditional nature of this font also affords it a sense of timelessness that will outlive its ‘trend factor’.

  1. Garnering Geometric Shapes

With the continuing chaos of the world, the comforting simplicity and straightforwardness of geometric shapes continue to lead in 2022. The introduction of this design element shows a shift from the abstract designs that have made their mark in previous years.

The practicality of geometric shapes, such as their ability to easily accompany imagery and logos, makes them fantastic to work with for most signage solutions.

  1. Navigating Elements of Nostalgia

Nostalgia plays a prominent role in modern-day consumerism, with individuals seeking out the familiar and tapping into old favourites. We see this in full swing with everyday habits, such as binging television shows from the ’80s and ’90s!

As a result, the design world has seen an influx of retro styles, from the fashion industry to the signage world! Common symbols that have defined previous eras, such as the bell-bottomed disco era in the ’70s or the peace signs and flowers of the ’60s, are roaring their way back into modern design elements and triggering this sense of nostalgia. Although this may be a trend more fleeting than the rest, it can be a powerful signage tool to target specific age groups and create hype around a growing brand.  

  1. The Glamour of Gradients

Using gradients in signage has been around for a while, though as we enter a new trend era, we see it being reintroduced in a variety of corporate branding. The appeal of this design tactic lies in its versatility to incorporate all brand colours in a fun, eye-catching way.

Designing signage with clever gradients involves a mixture of considering brand colour schemes and maintaining a balance between their complementary or monochromatic ability. Gradients are also an excellent tool to emphasise the textural elements of your signage.

Signarama specialises in modern signage solutions that embrace creativity to provide striking signage. We strive to provide signage suited to your clients’ industry, brand and goals. With over 30 franchises across Southern Africa, we are ready to help your business dive into this year’s signage trends. Feel free to reach out to your nearest Signarama to get started.


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