The do’s and don’ts of vehicle branding

In order to make the most of your vehicle branding, you will have to consider how to properly represent your business through effective branding techniques.

Whether it’s for getting to and from work or running errands, most people spend a good portion of their day on the road. It’s also no secret that traffic jams are common on South African roads. Given this, it is logical for every business to make the most of this “opportunity” to market their brand in a non-invasive manner. Even if passers-by are not directly reading your advertisement, they are still subconsciously acknowledging that information, making every impression a potential client!

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At Signarama, our experienced team can assist with a vehicle branding design that does just this! If you are soon to embark on a vehicle signage project, there are some important considerations that make for effective branding:
DON’T overdo your visuals. DO keep it short and sweet.

The most important information that should be present on your vehicle branding is your business name, logo and contact details. Everything after this should be scrutinized on whether or not it adds value to your overall message.

Although this may sound harsh, it is important to remember that when your vehicle branding is seen on the road, clients often only have a moment to take it in. As a result, vehicle branding that is overdetailed is at the risk of losing your potential client. For the best results keep it short and sweet.

DON’T use a flowery font. DO use a font that is easy to read.
When working with the talented design team at Signarama, we will advise against certain fonts on the basis that they may be difficult to read when you are passing in traffic, as these risk hurting your marketing initiative. The final font you choose for your vehicle branding should be clear and easy to read from afar.
DON’T only consider side branding. DO keep in mind that your vehicle is 3D.
Whether you’re on the road, or parked, utilising all sides of your vehicle when investing in vehicle branding is the way to go. It is important to ensure that the most important information, such as your business name and contact details, is visible all around your vehicle. This is so no matter which angle your potential clients spot you from. They’ll know exactly what you’re about!
DON’T use low quality images. DO use professional imaging.
high-quality ones. The final images you use should be able to withhold its clarity after being enlarged for your branding, in order to leave you with an excellent final look. When you approach Signarama for vehicle branding our expert team will remind you of this and only make use of imaging that will leave you with a quality end result.
DON’T be dull. DO be bright and bold.

No matter what kind of vehicle branding you choose for your vehicle, or fleet, it is vital to create a design that is appropriate for your business. Appropriate does not necessarily mean boring though! Our experienced design team can help you think outside the box and assist you in creating a final look that is not only practical and professional, but also eye-catching.

Remember, with vehicle branding you’re an on-the-go 24/7 advertisement. Make sure to keep your vehicle clean and your driving top notch, as this will also contribute to the overall impression of your business.

This month we are running a new competition, where one lucky customer stands the chance to win a R25 000 signage voucher to transform their business vehicle into a mobile billboard. The Rev Up & Win vehicle branding competition will run from 1st to 31st May 2021.

Our franchisees all share a deep passion for vehicle branding. If you are interested in vehicle branding for your business, visit our website to find your nearest store and get in touch here.


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