The best business signage and how to achieve it

As signage experts, Signarama understands the importance of utilising signage for business success and how to do so in a manner that yields the best results. When choosing business signage you may find that your final choice will depend on a few factors, such as how big your business is, where it is located and the industry you are in. The signage that is ultimately chosen should suit these factors, be eye-catching and be able to correctly encompass your brand.  Since signage is a 24/7 reflection of your business, it should be done right!

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This September, Signarama is offering business owners the opportunity to win a signage makeover to the value of R25,000.  (If you wish to enter, head across to  For the lucky winner, deciding on how best to spend that prize is a vital decision, to ensure maximum value is derived from your shiny new signage.  Here are some of the most popular signage choices for businesses, including yours, looking to solidify their brand:

Building signage

When businesses choose to place signage on the outside of their building, they are turning their business into a landmark that forms a part of their community. This makes having striking and brand relevant signage important for clients and visitors to easily understand who you are and what you do. Our expertise allows us to create a variety of suitable solutions, from professional company signage to illuminated signage, to ensure that your message is loud and clear. We also assist with functional window signs, for businesses wanting to utilise previously unused space.

Design tip: This signage should be placed in an unobstructed space and should make use of a font that is clear and easy to read from afar.
Outdoor signage

recognition. It includes a variety of signage including those used for wayfinding and illumination, as well as freestanding options. Wayfinding signage mainly assists clients in navigating their way to your door, whilst freestanding signs can be used similarly by helping pinpoint your location. Illuminated signage is utilised similarly as a creative alternative for attracting attention to your space, no matter what time of the day.

Design tip: It is important to choose a design and colour scheme that will best attract the eye of your target market. Always consider illuminated over non-illuminated signage alternatives.
Indoor signage

The signage in your space should reflect the business image you are aiming to achieve. Whether it be professional or playful, your space should make use of signage that correctly represents your brand. Maintaining a cohesive look throughout all interior signage helps solidify trust in your brand. This is why on-brand reception, window and wall signage are all essential for business spaces.

Design tip: Design factors such as the colour contrast and font used on signage solutions should be carefully considered to achieve the desired response from clients.
Promotional signage

Utilising promotional signage can help attract potential customers to your space and inform them of important information. Whatever the goal is for your business’s promotional signage, it is vital to pack a visual punch to draw a crowd. With a range of solutions from banners and flags to floor graphics, we can assist with all your promotional signage dreams.

Design tip: When creating promotional signage, the layout of the information being conveyed should be given careful consideration to ensure that it relays the most important information.
Vehicle signage

For businesses that are often on the go, vehicle signage is an excellent solution to act as a mobile billboard for advertising your brand. This signage has the capability of reaching a large group of potential clients whilst employees go about their normal responsibilities. Utilising this signage also helps grow brand recognition which in turn builds trust.

Design tip: Information displayed with vehicle signage should be kept to a minimum, as a large amount of text may be difficult to read in passing. Fonts used should also be easily legible.
Overall, the business signage you choose should provide your business with the professional atmosphere you are striving for. The expert design team at Signarama has the know-how to create eye-catching designs that correctly encompass your brand.

At Signarama, our franchisees all share a deep passion for expert signage solutions. If you are interested in signage for your business, visit our website to find your nearest store and get in touch here.


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