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Masterful Company Signage in 2024

Fuelled by technological innovation, shifting consumer demands, and emerging aesthetic trends, the signage landscape is on the cusp of another monumental shift that will inform signage choices in the coming year! Businesses are now presented with fresh avenues to command attention and control their brand narratives. By harnessing the latest trends, Signarama can help you create company signage that is eye-catching and resonates with your audience on a deeper level.

7 Signage Trends For The New Year


Brightening your brand

Signage is set to glow with a fresh luminescence thanks to the resurgence of illuminated signage. The aesthetic of illuminated signs, with vibrant hues and dynamic designs, is making waves in modern business environments and this trend is set to continue in 2024. Beyond their visual appeal, these signs offer practical benefits such as improved visibility and energy efficiency through LED solutions. We have a range of illuminated signage, including unique neon options, to ensure our clients stand out.


Added transparency

The expectation of brand transparency and authenticity is reaching unprecedented heights, and this trend is permeating signage. Signage that embodies transparency and authenticity is all about delivering honest messages and backing them up with tangible actions.


Going green

The significance of sustainability and environmentally friendly practices has become a mainstay, and signage is not excluded! South Africa is embracing an eco-friendly mindset, and today’s consumers are aligning themselves with brands that echo these values. Signarama helps businesses utilise eco-friendly signage as a demonstrable way for them to express their commitment towards sustainability.


Simplicity speaks volumes

Minimalism is set to illuminate the signage industry even more in 2024. Amidst an era of information overload, the allure of simple designs becomes increasingly striking. Businesses are acknowledging the power of the ‘less is more’ philosophy in their signage strategies, with designs that emphasise sleek lines, clutter-free layouts, and uncomplicated, legible fonts.


Inclusive and clear communication

The importance of inclusivity in South Africa gained an added voice with the introduction of our 12th official language, sign language. As a result, it is no surprise that being mindful of inclusivity is vital for businesses aiming to engage with new customers in 2024. Inclusive (or tactile) signage simplifies the understanding of your landmark and helps successfully convey important details about your business to those who read by touch. Signarama is the South African market leader in Braille signage and how to incorporate it into your signage strategy.   

Navigating with ease

Dynamic wayfinding is redefining ease and convenience in navigation and becoming a core signage trend. This signage is designed to assist visitors by anticipating their needs. For example, providing information about the fastest routes or elevating experiences with interactive signage are innovative ways of using wayfinding signage.


Bold and on the move

Vehicle signage is gearing up to take a bold and vibrant turn! Inspired by the graphic design trend of embracing vivid colour palettes, vehicle wraps are set to become a visual feast for the eyes on the roads. A fusion of striking aesthetics is a must for redefining your mobile marketing objectives in the new year. Whether for small businesses or large corporates, bold vehicle wraps will trend with brands wanting to reach wider audiences.

Set Your Signage Trends with Signarama

Signarama is Southern Africa’s go-to partner for innovative, eye-catching company signage solutions. We are passionate and committed to delivering bespoke signage that aligns with our clients’ industry, brand, objectives, and the latest signage trends. With over 30 franchises across Southern Africa, we can guide your business into the new year with leading signage. Connect with your nearest Signarama to get started.

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