New year, new signage?

The mantra of “new year, new me”, coupled with the ambitious resolutions that most of us take time to set, is something we are accustomed to seeing as a new year rolls in. But, what most of us don’t consider, is developing these same intentions for our business.

As the first impression of your business to potential customers, signage should be at the top of your list of resolution priorities, which begs the question: Where should you start? As signage professionals, we’re here to guide your signage resolutions for the new year to ensure that the goals you set for your signage will help you to make smart investment decisions, that will have the desired positive impact on your business.

Out with the old

You aren’t the same person that you were ten years ago, neither is your business or the customer that it targets and the same holds true for your signage. While quality signage can offer years of use, there are a few telltale signs to look out for when considering which signs need maintenance or replacement. Here’s what you should look out for in making your signage Rands work in your new financial year.
  1. Faded graphics aren’t fun…
Like a bright light in a very, very dark tunnel, signage with faded graphics set a tone that is less than professional and to be replaced. Although outdoor signage is made to withstand the elements, they aren’t immune to wear and tear. Be sure to keep a lookout for indications of faded signage to be on top of any maintenance they may need.
  1. Time to retire the vehicle branding?
Vehicle branding is highly effective. It has the power to draw the attention of hundreds of potential customers all while you go about your day. Now that we think about it, there’s only one situation where vehicle branding isn’t as great… When it’s worn out! Dated vehicle signage can hurt your brand image. Make a point of checking your branded vehicles to ensure they’re still marketing to the best of their ability.
  1. Facelifting promotional items.
When last have you taken a hard look at your business’s promotional items? Does the branded pen your employees take along to client meetings has an outdated logo or look. Are frequently-used items, such as notebooks, looking worse for wear? If this is the case for any of your branded items, it might be worthwhile considering a refresh.
  1. Tis the Season, in and out.
Promotional items aren’t where your concern should stop. Businesses in all industries use promotional signage in some form or another. Whether branded signage for exhibitions or cleverly designed signage for seasonal sales, they’re everywhere, and they often get reused (especially those holiday-themed items)… Take a moment to assess whether your promotional signage might need TLC or visual upgrades to ensure you’re getting the most out of these signs.
  1. The lights are out.
We all love a lit sign. We all have also, at least once in our lives, spotted an illuminated sign that either doesn’t light up or only does so partially – and this can lead to incorrect renditions of your business names. Keeping a hand on the maintenance needs of your illuminated signage is essential to keep your business’s name in the light it deserves.

One last thing!

While visible signs of wear and tear are our first indicators that it may be time to replace signage, another thing business owners should be on the lookout for is outdated information or designs. Your signage should work for you and put your brand in the best possible light, which means that outdated design trends and old business information is far from what you want.

The experts at Signarama can help your business take its signage from drab to fab in the new financial year. We have the know-how to create long-lasting, timeless signage that will attract the attention of your target audience. Reach out to your nearest Signarama for more information.


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