Qualities of a successful franchisee

18 September
When opening a Signarama franchise, you can expect the Signarama team to provide you with complete support to help you make a success of your store. Signarama provides ongoing training and dedicated support to each franchise to ensure their continued success. As entrepreneurs, we expect our franchisees to put all their effort towards making a success of their franchise, and to uphold the global reputation of Signarama.

We have found that some of our most successful franchisees had the following qualities, which helped them build their franchise into a household name in their area:

  1. Self discipline
  2. A successful franchisee is focused and will do all in their power to make sure that their franchise succeeds. They are self-disciplined and do not easily get distracted by hindrances that may stand in the way of them achieving their goals. They have a clear vision of what their business objectives are, and they know, step-by-step, how to reach these objectives.

  3. Confidence
  4. To succeed, a franchise owner needs to show confidence. He/she needs to believe that they can achieve success and they should be confident in everything they do to let others believe that they can make it work.

  5. Open minded
  6. As a franchise owner, you are exposed to constant challenges and changes. Being open minded allows you to process everything around you in a positive manner, to constantly generate solutions and new ideas to help you achieve your business goals. Whether it concerns productivity at work, your staff, or working with clients, open mindedness will allow you to manage every challenge as it comes and will help you to take bigger strides in the industry.

  7. Proactive
  8. A franchise owner is a self-starter. They know that if they want something to happen, they need to do it themselves. They take the lead to ensure that projects are being completed successfully.

  9. Competitive
  10. A healthy dose of competitiveness is a great quality in a franchise owner. They want to be better than all other franchisees and will go above and beyond to make sure that they achieve their goals and manage a successful franchise.

  11. Creative
  12. As a shop owner, you should be creative. Creativity is required to solve certain problems and overcome certain obstacles that may arise when working on various signage projects.

  13. Determined
  14. Of course, there will be mistakes and defeats. But, being determined to achieve success and the ability to learn from past mistakes, is another quality we see in successful franchisees. You should be willing to try, and try again, to make it work.

  15. Strong work ethic
  16. A franchise owner is passionate about their business and they show strong work ethic every day of the week. They are often the first person in and the last one to leave. They know what they want to achieve, and they do not shy away from hard work to reach their goals.

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