More about our franchisee training for your start-up & ongoing success

There are many advantages to becoming a Signarama franchisee, one being the ongoing training and support we offer to each existing franchise to ensure their continued success. We take the training and support we provide seriously and anyone considering opening their own Signarama franchise can rest assured that our entire team is behind you to get your business going – and keep it going!


We offer a dedicated 5-week training programme for all new Signarama franchisees and you as business owner can expect to gain the required knowledge to run your own franchise, along with an understanding of the support systems we offer to get your business going.

Here is what you can expect from Signarama’s comprehensive training programme:

    • Week 1 – 2

As a new Signarama owner, you will be required to complete our 5-week training programme. The first two weeks of training consists of a theoretical overview and will be completed at our Franchise Office in Lonehill, Johannesburg. During these two weeks, we will touch on different types of training to ensure that you are fully ready for this new business venture. We will concentrate on financial, human resources, production and marketing training. To make your stay with us as comfortable as possible, we provide travel compensation, comfortable accommodation and two meals per day.

    • Week 3

Once you have completed the theoretical training, you will be required to complete one week of mentorship training. During this week of training, you will have the opportunity to apply your newly gained knowledge at a Signarama store, alongside one of our established franchisees.  Our objective as an outcome of this week is to ensure that you are able to successfully apply your theoretical knowledge in a commercial setup to ensure that you are ready to manage your own store.

    • Week 4 – 5

After your week of training alongside a Signarama mentor, you will receive two weeks of in-store training. This training will consist of technical and marketing training that will equip you with everything you need to fully set up your own Signarama store.

After these two weeks, you should be ready to open your Signarama franchise and be fully operational.

It does not end there…

Best of all, Signarama’s support does not end after your 5-week training programme! While you focus on building your signage empire, we will continue to provide you with the necessary support and resources to ensure that you can grow your business from strength to strength.

Our ongoing support includes store visits, online support, franchise meetings, and regular insights from our Research and Development (R&D) department, to ensure that you are on the right track, that your customers are happy, and that you are upholding the Signarama brand’s high standards.

If you are interested in connecting with us to start a conversation about owning a Signarama franchise, reach out to us now.


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