What is the core purpose of your retail signage? Is it to elevate brand awareness, spotlight a promotional offer, guide customers through your store, or perhaps a combination of these objectives? Identifying this goal is the first brick in laying the foundation for effective signage. However, the real magic happens when you skilfully align the purpose of your signage with your design strategy. Through this alignment, you can ensure that every sign placed within your space works tirelessly to make an impact and propel you towards your goals.
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Key Considerations For Your Retail Signage

Once you have recognised the impact that retail signage can have on your marketing strategy and successfully identified your target audience, your next move involves a deep dive into crafting your brand’s narrative. Here are the key considerations that should be included to support your design process.


Keep clear and concise graphics

The goal of retail signage should be to create a visual narrative that is immediately understood and remembered. When starting your design journey, the mantra to follow is clarity, conciseness, and allure!


Avoid overcomplicating the design

Simplicity should not be underestimated! A design that is too busy or intricate may confuse rather than engage. Keeping your signage designs straightforward ensures that your message remains front and centre.


Use graphics that represent the brand

Every design element should serve a purpose, contributing to the cohesive representation of your brand. This alignment between graphic elements and brand messaging will reinforce your identity and make your retail communication more impactful.


Consistency is a must!

By employing consistent designs, you create a unified brand experience that reinforces your identity and improves brand recall. This consistency also serves as a thread to connect your various marketing channels.


Brand name visibility is crucial

Your brand name is the anchor of your brand identity, ensuring that viewers can easily identify and remember your brand. Making your brand name prominent in your retail signage designs will enhance recognition and strengthen your market presence.


Budget considerations are important

Compromising on design quality for the sake of cost savings can be counterproductive. Investing in high-quality design pays off in the long run as it sets a professional tone from the get-go to leave a positive impression on your audience.


Illumination that stands out!

Illumination delivers maximum impact and visibility, especially in low-light conditions. Illuminating your retail signage could give you an advantage in capturing attention as it ensures that your message is seen at all times of the day and night.


Follow colour psychology

Colours evoke emotions and can significantly influence perception. Understanding the psychology of colour and the use of contrast can be powerful for enhancing your signage’s visibility and effectiveness.


The choice and size of the font

Your text must be easy to read from a distance, inviting viewers to engage with your message without strain. A well-chosen font communicates your message clearly and contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of your design.


Including a touch of humour

Humour is an excellent tool for engaging new audiences, as it breaks down barriers, making the message more approachable and relatable. Humorously designed signs can also spark conversations and social media sharing, extending their reach and impact.

Start Maximising Your Retail Signs

In retail spaces, every detail counts… Are the design elements of your retail signage the best they can be?

Signarama stands at the forefront of the signage industry, offering unparalleled expertise and quality in retail signage production. With our commitment to excellence and our deep understanding of the impact of a well-designed sign, our signage experts provide personalised solutions that will cater to the specific needs of your business.

If you want to make a lasting impression and drive customer engagement with retail signage, contact your nearest Signarama store.


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