Marine Signage

Signarama Southern Africa has over 20 years’ experience in signage design and in wrapping vehicles of any kind, including water vehicles. We have a signage footprint that traverses Southern Africa, including Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Because marine signage has a tendency to fade over time, as a result of exposure to sunlight, sea water and the elements in general, the materials used by Signarama for our boat signage is carefully chosen to promote its durability. As a result, the materials that we use are suitable for fresh water, as well as for salt water.

The marine signage options available from Signarama Southern Africa, are wraps and decals. We explain both below:
Vinyl boat wraps
  • Boat wraps are vinyl printed graphics that are applied to only sections of or the entire boat.
  • We recommend the use of wraps where a boat serves a promotional purpose or where the desire is to add a personal touch to the boat exterior.
  • Wraps are popular as the design is entirely customizable, meaning that your boat, once wrapped, will be totally unique.
  • The vinyl is removable.
Boat decals
  • Also manufactured from vinyl, decals are applied to a section of the boat only.
  • Since the relative size of the signage is smaller than in the case of wraps, decals are suited in situations where the desired branding message is smaller in size.
  • Decals are suitable for adding a boat name, slogan or similar.
  • Since the material used is vinyl and is custom-made, the colour and size are customizable.
Ultimately, the marine signage that you choose is a function of your personal requirements, and your budget. Our franchisees derive great enjoyment from adding signage to boats and we look forward to adding a further dimension to your water vehicles with our signage talents.
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