Illuminated Signage: What is it?

Have you ever driven past a mall at night and had a peek at the store names displayed outside? Maybe you have had your eye caught by a fast food sign and were convinced that you deserved a treat… Whatever the scenario, we have all been compelled by illuminated signage without realising it.

Illuminated signage is any sign that uses light to display a message or image. This signage has the ability to draw the attention of potential customers by simply being! This makes illuminated signage a powerful marketing tool for brand strengthening.

illuminated signage

Illumination Signage from Signarama

3D Illuminated Letters

This impactful bold lettering is suitable for interior and exterior use and can be specifically designed to suit your brand’s identity clearly. The customisation of colour and font makes the possibility endless! Special effects can also be included.

Neon Signs

This illuminated signage can be adapted to suit most fonts and colours. However, it is most striking when kept simple. From classic neon signage to retro-looking designs, this signage can give your branding message a fun twist.


The flexibility of lightboxes allows them to be used for indoor and outdoor applications. They are available in various shapes, sizes and formats, making it easy to meet specific branding requirements. These LED-lit signs can also be single or double-sided.

LED Backlit Signs

Professionally manufactured LED backlit signs will help your brand achieve the illuminated halo effect. These signs add voluminous dimensions to your branding and can be customised to perfectly suit your company’s lettering.

LED Moving Signs

This revolutionary signage is the ultimate visual marketing tool. The possibilities are almost endless with moving signs. These eye-catching LED dreams help grab the attention of potential clients and keep it! LED moving signs are best suited for high-traffic areas.

6 Reasons to get illuminated signage

Boost your brand

Gain high visibility

Enjoy high ROI

Long-lasting signage choice

Flexible design options

12-month warranty

How to maintain your signage:

Maintaining your signage is the key to lengthening its lifespan to help you benefit for longer. Illuminated signage, in particular, requires regular maintenance to ensure that the power source works to the best of its ability. Lights should be assessed often, and the signage should be serviced annually to remove build-up and grime. Most importantly, industry professionals should install and maintain this signage to sustain long-term use.

Why Signarama franchisees are different:

As an industry leader in illumination technologies, we have the means to manufacture and install incredible signage solutions. We follow strict quality control in our design and production processes to guarantee client satisfaction. By disseminating our expert knowledge across all our franchise holders, we can also assure that our clients receive the best experience no matter which store they visit. We prime our franchisees with everything needed for success!

Join the Signarama family to stay at the forefront of all advancements in illumination technologies. If you are interested in more information about our franchise opportunities, contact us here.


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