How to ensure your most important sale of the year is a success

With the SA retail market under continued pressure in the light of economic pressures and growth in online stores, how you prepare your retail outlet for the next important sale will be critical to its success. Be it an end-of-season sale, Easter, Black Friday or Christmas (July or December), as a retailer, you know that you are competing for share of a shrinking consumer wallet and will need to be more interesting to the consumer that you are targeting. Insulate your business with these easy-to-implement actions to drive sales at your next big retail event:
  1. Create a buzz

By announcing your upcoming sale in-store and through your online platforms such as your website, social media and e-communications, your customer can start planning their shopping in advance to capture the savings that your store will offer.  Start placing in-store signage in strategic locations throughout your store to capture the attention of your customer well ahead of the sale event so that your customers are continually reminded of the upcoming savings opportunity.  By using eye-catching pull-up banners inside and fun teardrop banners outside your store, your customer is instantly aware of the upcoming sale.

  1. Think store layout

Cross-merchandising and impulse sale opportunities are invaluable.  By using interesting light displays and LED signage, creative displays will attract the attention of customers.  Consider playing videos for product education, entertainment or general upsell opportunities.  Remember that an energetic store is a fun place for your customer to hang out.

  1. Check your pricing strategy

The “right price” is always the one that a customer is willing to pay, but you do still need to assess whether that price point will be profitable for your business.  While your product price should be competitive, it still has to be profitable.  If you are forced into thin or no margins at lower price points, examine scope to bundle complimentary products so that by cross-subsidizing margins, the overall bundle yields profitable business for your retail store.

  1. Connect with your customer

Excellent customer service remains the key to increasing sales.  Listen to your customer and ensure that you understand their needs and wants.  Then educate them about your products and constantly remind them that you appreciate their business.  Offer incentives for repeat or regular shoppers and be vocal about celebrating their support of your business.  Lastly, make an effort to know your customer by name.  “Hello Mr So-and-so” or “Good morning Mrs So-and-so” is invaluable in any store.

  1. Get outdoors

Pop-up stores are a great way to get your brand in front of new customers, but this may not be practical for you.  Think of the area outside your store and consider whether you could use the sidewalk or walkway to place racks or tables outside to catch the eye of your customer.  A curious customer will usually act on that curiosity and by merely creating a sense of “there’s something going on”, it would be a sufficient drawcard to pull in that customer. 

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