How to be successful in a mid-season sale

Sales events have become the norm on the South African retail landscape.  From store opening special offers, to end of season sales, to bigger events such as Black Friday, these sales events are here to stay and retailers will continue to battle for share of consumer wallet against this backdrop. 

How do you as the retailer position yourself to be successful in your sale, when it’s still mid-season and what do you do differently to stand out from your competitors?  If “not much” is your answer, then here are a few tips that may help you to be more successful when the next sale event comes around:


  1. Put your retail space to work

Weeks prior to your upcoming sales event, place signage in strategic and visible locations to make customers aware of your sale.  A-frame temporary signage, pull-up banners, etc are a great way to quickly implement temporary signage that will focus your customer on the upcoming sale.

  1. Host a sales event

Sales such as Black Friday are particularly successful as it is “one day only”, or one weekend only for some retailers.  Your customers will know that the savings on offer are not to be repeated and will plan for the event accordingly.  Ensure your event signage is fun, quirky and boldly promotes the event.

  1. Create and display quirky signs

Draw attention to your event with the most important aspects enjoying more focus, for example, the % saving, etc.  Emphasize the duration of the sale to ensure your customer knows exactly when the sale will occur and how much time they have available to capture the special pricing.  Ensure that you take down all sale signage once the sale is over to avoid customers claiming sale pricing after the event has closed.

  1. Strategically place products

Online clothing retailers are particularly adept at encouraging shopping of an entire look, as opposed to merely one item of clothing – aim to implement the same protocol for your in-store shopping ideas.  Suggestions of complimentary products, smart pairings, etc are an excellent way to encourage sales.  Ensure that your complimentary products and smart pairings are placed close to each other for seamless shopping.

  1. Reach beyond the store

Thanks to technology, it is comparatively easy to reach your customer.  Use mobile technologies to inform your customers of upcoming sales, special offers, clearances, etc so that they know before entering your store what is available for them to purchase.

The success of your sale relies on planning, execution and, of course, great signage.  If you are planning a sale at any time during your retail calendar, reach out to your local Signarama franchise on for advice and ideas on retail signage to support your sales event.


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