Gear down, buckle up and let’s get ready for the 2021 Festive season

With the festive season fast approaching, it is time to turn on the headlights and assess whether you are ready to handle an influx of customers. An even more important consideration to make is, are you ready to attract them to your store? Retail signage is the proven way to do just that.

Retailers can use signs, graphics and displays in several ways to help increase revenue whilst encouraging shoppers to purchase more goods, making retail signage one of the most effective tools for increased customer wallet during the festive season.

As with any product or service, your store’s signage must be of high quality to achieve this. Signarama is here and ready to step in to get your store festive season ready. Our unique signage solutions are professionally designed to suit your needs and brand, to help you drive sales.

Retail signage

What makes retail signage so crucial at this time of the year?

Signage is vital for retail businesses during the festive season as it helps draw customer attention to drive sales. For many businesses, the festive season is the most lucrative time of the year.  Additional sales over the festive period can help financially sustain a business through a dry spell that follows into the beginning of the following year for certain industries.

Using signage at this time of the year can also increase overall competitive edge and help acquire new life-long customers that may have otherwise not visited your business. The increased foot traffic of the season can be brought straight to your doorstep with the right signage. This high ROI of our solutions also make it one of the most cost-effective ways to improve profitability throughout the year.

Retail signage solutions from Signarama
  • Outdoor signage

Depending on the layout and location of your store, outdoor signage can be used promotionally or on-premises to attract the attention of potential clients and encourage them to visit your store. This can be achieved through multiple types of signage, such as building signs, window displays, banners, flags and more.

  • Window signage

Window displays, for example, are often one of the first impressions potential clients receive of your business, making quality displays worth the return. These displays help you stand out from surrounding businesses and provide customers with quick but valuable information about your products and services, as well as potential sales.

  • Promotional signage

Our range of promotional signage solutions can be designed to be specifically targeted to your festive season needs. Professionally designed to suit your brand, we can assist with creatively suitable signage. With the nationwide reach of Signarama, we can also supply cohesive designs to your retails stores nationwide!

  • Floor graphics

For those wanting to go the extra mile, we can help add floor signage to your festive season strategy. Through expertly designed floor graphics, you can help guide customers inside and outside of your store to encourage sales and inform them of relevant promotions.

Helpful visual considerations for your festive season retail signage:
  • Bright and bold is key to attract your customer’s eye
  • The better variety of signage, the better
  • Help your signage be seen throughout the day with illuminated solutions
  • Stick to a theme that suits your brand
  • Use your window space to grab customer’s attention
  • Use festively branded wayfinding signage in your store to ease the shopping experience

Remember, the sooner you get started with your festive season retail signage – the better! For more information visit our website.


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