Everything that you need to know about vehicle signage, and more

Regionally, Signarama brands over 5,500 vehicles a year! Leveraging the branding potential of vehicle signage is the most cost-effective marketing strategy for any sized business. With this signage, you can establish your brand, grow your business and add to your bottom line with inviting vehicle wraps, lettering, decals, magnets or one-way vision solutions.


As your 24/7/365 mobile billboard, this is how you reach more people – more often! Apart from this, vehicle signage is:

  1. Long-lasting, up to 5 years
  2. Visible 24/7
  3. Cost per impression is low
  4. High impact advertising
  5. Cost-effective
  6. UV-resistant, durable and weather-proof
Here are the Signarama vehicle signage and branding options that you can choose from:

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps can be described as a series of high-grade or heavy-duty vinyl decals that have been designed to place over the various body parts of a car, bakkie, truck etc. Choose from 3 types of vehicle wraps:

  • Full Wrap: All vehicle panels including one-way vision signage on the rear window
  • Three Quarter Wrap: Most vehicle panels with one quarter not wrapped
  • Half Wrap: Selected side panels of the vehicle with the rear window included

Vehicle Lettering

Vehicle lettering and decals are cut from vinyl as opposed to printed on vinyl. The lettering and decals are pre-spaced and pre-masked meaning the design is applied all at once. Vehicle lettering is different to vehicle stickers which are placed on a vehicle.

Vehicle Decals

Vehicle decals are also known simply as stickers or vehicle graphics. Graphics, images and letters are printed onto vinyl and then applied to the surface of a vehicle.

One-Way Vision

One-way vision is digitally designed and printed vinyl graphics which are placed on the windows of a vehicle. They typically cover the entire window but do not obstruct vision from within the vehicle looking out. One-way vision similarly provides privacy and temperature control aspects, as the vinyl blocks out light and heat from the outside in.

Magnetic Signs

These signs are produced by applying a high-quality vinyl overlay to a magnetic backing which is then laminated for a glossy effect. The magnets are not permanent and can be placed anywhere on a vehicle. Magnetic signs are not suited to aluminium vehicles as aluminium is not a magnetic material.

Which vehicle signage is best for your needs?

Depending on your budget and industry, any of the vehicle signage options can be custom designed and applied to your vehicle or fleet of vehicles. Vehicle wraps are usually more striking than lettering or decals. Depending on your brand’s identity and needs, vehicle lettering or one-way vision may suit your requirements better.

Typically, medical companies prefer simplistic decals and one-way vision to protect their brand and products. Larger vehicles such as trucks and busses may fare better with full wraps to maximise marketing reach. Smaller vehicles and motorbikes are usually better suited to vehicle lettering or decals. Real Estate companies often use a mix of vehicle signage in consistent ways to catch the attention of people in the areas they operate in.

One product guide – all your questions answered…

Our Vehicle Signage product guide is a South African signage industry first and serves to guide our customers in making informed choices and decisions for their vehicle signage needs. Visit our product guide page to download this helpful manual on vehicle signage.


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