Attracting new customers in 3 simple steps

When opening a business, it is important to identify factors that make your enterprise unique. These factors can be used to market your business and attract clientele. When opening a Signarama franchise, you have a specific service to offer clients – signage and branding solutions – and you should build your marketing efforts around this.

Investing in a Signarama franchise instead of opening your own signage or printing business permits you to benefit from the brand’s established reputation from the start. A company’s brand and reputation influence potential clients’ purchasing decisions. If a prominent food critic, for example, eats a meal at a restaurant and delivers a bad review, it will indirectly change your opinion of the specific restaurant – sometimes without you even realising it!



Signarama is proud to say that we have an excellent reputation in the signage industry, and we are trusted not only for the attractive designs and quality installations we deliver, but also for our impeccable customer service. Globally, our brand is synonymous with signage that will get your business noticed.

Besides relying on Signarama’s reputation to bring in new business, you can focus on the following 3 cornerstones of the Signarama brand to attracts new clients to your store:

  • Adapting technology and innovation

One of the factors that sets Signarama apart from its competition is that we strive to keep up to date with the latest innovations and technology in the industry. Our stores possess the latest and best machinery to provide clients with superior signage solutions.

When marketing your products and services, emphasise the fact that you have access to some of the best technology available in the signage industry and can therefore supply advanced signage solutions.

  • A vast range of products

By focusing on, and promoting Signarama’s wide variety of products, you could be attracting a diverse range of business opportunities. It is also best to focus on your most popular products and those that may be useful for customers in your community. Signarama has a signage solution for almost every requirement imaginable and you should focus on this aspect when marketing your store to potential clients.

Some of the brand’s most popular signage options are on-the-go advertising solutions – this includes our vehicle branding, vehicle wraps, and vehicle graphics, allowing businesses to promote their products and/or services wherever they go.

  • Products suited to a variety of needs

Another aspect you can focus on when marketing your Signarama store to potential clients is that you offer a customisable product that can be adapted to various requirements. Signage is often required by businesses in various sectors, including corporate, educational, medical, and even non-profit sectors.

By cultivating business relationships with clients in different sectors, you can show that your products can be tailored to suit any industry- or business-specific needs, which will hopefully help you gain return customers.

The Signarama franchise team will be with you every step of the way to help you make a success of your business. For more on the training and support you, as Signarama franchise owner, can expect when investing in your own store, please see

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