A Partnership in Trust when you open a Signarama Franchise

The Franchise Association of South Africa (“FASA”) is regarded as the leading authority for franchising in Africa. It protects, lobbies, promotes and develops ethical franchising. As an entrepreneur wanting to own your own signage business, we want you to be aware that Signarama is a member of this Association and here’s why:
  • Although membership of the Association is voluntary, franchised groups like Signarama that are members, are bound by the code of ethics of the Association and by its practices.


  • The Association holds the distinction of being one of the first countries worldwide to adopt a Code of Ethics and Business Practices. It is globally one of the most stringent codes and remains binding on its members. 


  • Membership of the Association assures the would-be and existing franchisee that the franchise group operates ethically and possesses the credibility it purports to have.


  • The South African Government adopted many of the principles of FASA into the Consumer Protection Act, which now includes a section specifically dealing with franchising.


  • Association members are compelled to provide prospective franchisees with:


  • A Disclosure Document which gives all relevant information about the company and the franchising opportunity.
  • A Franchise Agreement that is both fair and equitable.
  • An Operations Manual that details the company’s policies and procedures and offers franchisees a blueprint for a successful business.
Signarama Southern Africa is proud to be a member of FASA and proudly abides by the Code.

If you want to be a part of a signage franchise group committed to transparent business, we look forward to hearing from you. Call us on 012 285 0412 or email us from our website.


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