5 Signage Tips to Promote your Business

“A business with no sign – is a sign of no business.” International research has highlighted the significant impact proper signage has on consumer behaviour. Customers actively seek out signage to identify locations or information on a business, service or product. Not only do customers rely on proper signage to inform them, the quality of the signage affects their perception of the brand or business. Simply put, poor signage is an indication of a struggling business – and this persuades people not to do business with such brands.

Signage is an opportunity to put your best foot forward and to capitalise on marketing aspects such as location, visibility and competitor space. The best way to grow your business is to focus your branding efforts in signage and marketing.


Here are 5 signage tips that can help you promote your business effectively:

  1. Focus on visibility!
    If customers struggle to read your sign – you have done it wrong. Clear and visible signage is one of the most important factors when producing top quality signs. Avoid too much content – clear and concise is the goalpost. Customers should be able to read the sign from a distance so keep the clutter to a minimum.
  2. Colours matter!
    If you think of Coca-Cola – which colour do you think of? If you answered red, you would be right. Colours affect brand recognition more so than a logo, so choose your brand colours carefully. Avoid background colours that can distort your brand message or make the sign difficult to read.
  3. Add contrast!
    Choose colours that contrast well together. If the content is in the foreground and the background contrasting colour brings it even more forward – you have a sign which is easy to read from a distance. Contrast is just as important as colour in signage.
  4. Find your font!
    Hopefully it’s not Comic Sans. Jokes aside, fonts that are intricate with turns and curls are extremely difficult to read. A font should be interesting but clear and easy to read. If you get your font just right – the actual font may be associated with your brand too. (Think Disney).
  5. Light it up!
    By adding illumination to your signage, you increase the visibility of your sign for maximum exposure. Illuminated signage is visible 24/7/365 and attracts more attention than signage which has not been illuminated. Illuminated signage is especially useful in a competitive environment where there are many signs in the same space.

With a clever combination of these signage elements, you can grow awareness around your brand and attract valuable attention. If you are a signage franchise, your signs are even more crucial as they literally ARE your business. Showcase your business the Signarama way.

We work hard to ensure that all our Signarama franchises are equipped with the latest-and-greatest in signage technology, which is great news for interested investors. Apply online or contact our franchise office on 012 285 0412 if you would like to find out more about owning a franchise store.


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