2021 Trends in signage

If the term “new normal” produces an eyeroll capable of rolling you into the next decade, you can hardly be forgiven. Where we find ourselves as businesses in Southern Africa is anything but “normal”. The 2020 year started with so much promise for many businesses, with great plans in place for the year ahead. Every challenge imaginable was faced by those businesses that succeeded in surviving – those that survived were nimble, able to adapt, see opportunity and turn possibilities into certainties.

The realities of 2020 have shaped a new consumer landscape. Consumer profiles, shopper styles and habits, etc have all changed virtually overnight. The exponential growth in online shopping, reduced desire to browse, click and collect, the rise of retailer shopping apps, etc, are all significant changes in consumer shopping preference that will shape the way that businesses remain connected with their customers and successfully promote their products to encourage a reaction at transaction level.

With that as the backdrop framing 2021, here’s what you need to bear in mind as a business owner for your signage requirements in the coming months:
Customers are increasingly expecting to the considered and recognized – they want to feel that your business with them, is all about them. Personalize signage to appeal to particular groups or those that are likely to share common affiliations. Banners and display media will need to be regularly refreshed for ongoing appeal. Opt for smaller displays that can be refreshed on a regular basis and faux finishes, which are flexible in design and especially wallet friendly. Prints and wall graphics that create an illusion of texture or of different materials will be significantly more cost effective, especially in-store.
Embrace modern trends
Progress and technology are interdependent of each other. By embracing creative and innovative signage technology choices such as digital signage, the use of modern graphics, mobile devices in image displays or simple trends such as hashtags into displays, the connection to the modern customer is increasingly entrenched.
In the latest signage trends, it’s a case of “less is more”. This is especially true for retail brands where customers seek to support brands that are an extension of their personalities. Humanized brands are in, flashy is out. This means that your signage needs to be simplified too. Avoid the noise that cluttered designs introduce. Think sleek, sophisticated and minimal.
Brands that fail to demonstrate environmental consciousness or a strong moral fabric are out. Consumers are thinking more about their purchasing decisions, who they do business with and why. Demonstrating that you are environmentally conscious will become increasingly important in signage and branding choices.
Digital signage will see growing traction thanks to the flexibility to change displays on an on- demand basis. Trending topics or themes, personalized messages, etc are all reasons why digital will become increasingly popular in 2021. Usually changeable with an in-house computer, this form of signage also promotes improved customer connection. These signs can be produced in an array of sizes.
Wayfinding and directional signage
On the back of the trend away from in-store browsing in favour of “in-and-out” shopping, the ability of a customer to easily find their way upon entering a retail store will be vital. Wayfinding and directional signage will prove to be key. Every retail outlet needs to ensure their in-store signage supports the in-and-out customer to ensure this market remains brand loyal.
Bringing online instore
For businesses offering an online shop or click-and-collect alternative, the signage and branding in-store will need to be aligned with its ecommerce platforms. Reinforcement of brand recognition and growing brand equity will be hampered without soft reminders like ensuring the online customer conversation is continued instore.
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