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Some might think that having just any sign is better than having no sign at all. Despite being the industry leaders in signage and jumping at the opportunity to rave about the benefits of signage, we disagree with this sentiment. An ill-designed sign will not serve your business. It will cause you to get lost in the crowd and leave a poor impression of your brand – things we don’t believe any company wants!

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10 Tips to Supercharge Your Design

The importance of well-designed promotional signage cannot be overstated, especially when it is key in marketing your products and services! Here are a few ways to supercharge your signage to ensure it serves your business:

Keep it Clean

Less is more. When trying to grab the attention of potential customers, you don’t want to lose them to complicated designs and an overload of information. Therefore, the designs and graphics used for your promotional signage should be clear, concise and attractive to win the eyes of potential customers.

Aim for Simplicity

Simplicity in design focuses on keeping your sign easy on the eye without sacrificing its purpose. Over-complicated designs will detract from your message and confuse your target audience. When designing your promotional signage, focus on only showcasing the essentials. If your sign can go without it, it probably should!

Speak your Brand
Branding is more than just a catchy logo or tagline. It’s an expression of your business’s personality and can be a powerful tool for connecting with consumers. For promotional signage, using the graphics, colour, font, and other design elements associated with your brand identity will help build brand recognition and trust.
Short and Sweet

Simple designs are most effective for promotional signage because they are easier for passersby to read and understand. The ‘short and sweet’ design principle ensures your signage delivers your message as quickly and effectively as possible. Use clear language and compelling visuals, and maintain brand consistency to communicate your message effectively.

Create for your Audience

Designing for your target audience is a must for effective promotional signage. The design, messaging, and placement can all be tailored to the needs, interests, and behaviours of your audience to help drive impact. For example, if you are targeting teenagers, you might use bold colours and trendy phrasing, while targeting a mature audience would require a more sophisticated design and tone.

Maximise Logo Visibility

One of the main purposes of promotional signs is to increase brand recognition, and the best way to achieve this is by ensuring the visibility of your logo. Prominently displaying your logo will help consumers recognise your brand. When finalising your design, ensure your logo is an appropriate size to be seen but not to overpower. Also, consider whether its placement is optimised to grab attention.

Adjust Design to Budget

Sticking to a budget for your signage doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality or effectiveness. It is all about making smart decisions that balance cost and value. The biggest impact on your budget will likely be the materials used for your signage. Choose a material that fits your budget and aligns with the purpose of your signage. Other decisions that will impact the cost of your signage include the size and design complexity.

The Call-to-Action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a crucial component of promotional signage. It’s what will guide people to take the action you want them to take. Use strong, action-oriented verbs that motivate. For example, “Call now for a free quote” is a specific and direct action that entices and does not leave room for doubt. Consider using QR codes for easy scanning with smartphone technology.

Utilise Extra Materials

Incorporating additional print materials, such as business cards and brochures, into your promotional signage strategy will entrench your reach and provide more detailed information about your offering. These items can be designed to match your main promotional signage to reinforce your brand identity.

Design for Your Team
Branded apparel is often overlooked when investing in promotional signage, but it serves as a powerful way to extend the reach of your brand. Not only does it create a unified, professional appearance for your team, but it also serves as a walking advertisement. Remember to keep the design consistent with your brand’s identity and include key information about your business to drive customer interactions.

Ready to Supercharge Your Business?

Signarama offers a comprehensive range of services to ace your promotional signage, from design conceptualisation that harnesses these best practices to flawless fabrication that meets high-quality standards.

Reach out to your nearest Signarama store to seal the deal with compelling promotional signage.


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