10 Lifestyle choices to a Successful Signarama Franchisee

Being a Signarama franchisee includes many benefits, such as being part of Southern Africa’s biggest signage franchise group and rubbing shoulders with entrepreneurs who have made a success of their signage franchise, to name a few. It can also take its toll. Long working hours, the need to be taking decisions constantly, building relationships with your customers all while keeping an eye on the bottom line will take a toll on even the fittest of entrepreneurs.


Here are 10 implementable actions that will help you change your entrepreneurial lifestyle for the better:

  1. Set boundaries

Your brain is wired to have time out to de-stress, so you need to allow it that opportunity.  Doing a bit of work here and there over a weekend quickly escalates into working long hours over weekends.  Try to commit to not working over a weekend, to not taking your laptop home and to dedicating your weekends to time out with family and/or friends.  You will experience renewed energy on Mondays, challenges won’t seem as much of a stretch to solve and goals will be more attainable.

  1. Delegate

Business owners surveyed by Forbes shared that the most important thing that promoted living a healthier life as a business owner is making time for family.  Tasks that are repetitive or can be handled elsewhere within your business should not occupy your time and should be delegated.  It may require you to “unlearn” entrenched habits such as believing that only you are capable.

  1. Meditate

Taking 15 minutes out of your day helps you to purge your mind and focus strategically on your business.  It allows you the time to visualize how to structure your business and life.

  1. Reduce your volume of working hours

With being an entrepreneur comes flexibility, but you need to learn to use it wisely.  Never being at your franchise can seriously hurt your business, but at the same time, working 100 hours a week is not being efficient.  Longer hours are unavoidable, but limit the number of hours that you are able to work per week, while still being productive, so that you force yourself to focus your hours.

  1. Read

By exercising your mind with captivating reading material, fiction or non-fiction, your mind will experience a calming experience similar to meditation.  Many of the most successful people in all industries recommend reading and attribute their success to its positive effects.

  1. Create a home gym

Making time to get to the gym and balancing that with work and family is difficult at the best of times.  Utilize an area of your home to set up a simple home gym and get into the habit of spending the first hour of your day in your home gym.  You will start your day feeling refreshed and satisfied that you have had the correct start to your day.

  1. Sleep

Pushing yourself too hard merely results in problems, mistakes and bigger issues, so avoid burning the candle at both ends.  Your brain and body require sleep to function.

  1. Cook meals at home

Life “on-the-go” very easily translates to living off fast food, heat-and-eat or surviving on processed foods.  By forcing yourself to cook at home, you are able to control what is in the food that you eat and you force yourself to think about something other than business while you are preparing the meal.

  1. Make your health a priority

As the entrepreneur business owner, it’s easy to fall into the trap of working long hours and ignoring signals of growing health issues.  Chronic pain and frequent infections are a sign of reaching burnout and are your body’s way of telling you to stop ignoring it.  Sleep more, exercise, eat healthy and meditate on a daily basis so that your body has the opportunity to restore itself.

  1. 15 Minutes to a focused day

As an entrepreneur, you would naturally focus on the most pressing business issues first thing in your day.  But the most pressing issues are not necessarily the issues that will drive your business forward.  Start your day with a 15-minute meditation to give yourself a focused mind for the day and to ensure that you focus your day on your business game-changers.  It will get you into the zone for work and keep you there so that you get things done where they should be. 

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