10 Considerations when Choosing Signage

It is crucial to remember that signage is not a ‘nice to have’ addition but rather an extension of your marketing activities. If done right, the payoff is stellar. Whether you’re a start-up who is choosing signage for the first time, or a multinational updating your branding – what should you consider when choosing signage?

  1. A Running Theme
    Your signage should echo your branding, and your branding should convey your vision, mission, and culture. Ensuring consistency in design elements, colours, logos, and themes across all mediums will serve you well. The same look and feel of your brand should come through as a connecting thread in your stationery, signage, and advertisements. In short, you need brand consistency.
  2. First Impressions
    The quality and professionalism of your signage is more important than you know. Consumers base their perception of a business on their signage and branding within seconds. If you have poorly made signage, chances are you will have an equally poor turnover.
  3. Size Matters
    The size and position of your signage will either work in your favour or work against you. Signage which is difficult to read or not visible are ignored whereas signage which is suitably sized to their application garner more traffic and interest.
  4. Material Selection
    Choosing which material for your signage needs will depend on whether or not it will be placed indoors or outdoors, the function it will need to fulfil and which elements it will need to withstand. It is usually best to ask the professionals which material will do well in which setting. We will happily advise you on which signage solution and material to opt for.
  5. Appropriate Type
    As mentioned in point 4, the signage type will depend on the branding or marketing need it should answer. If you want to attract attention on a busy road – illuminated signage will be the best. If you want to show consumers where your office is within an estate, a pylon sign or metal sign might be better than a banner etc.
  6. Signage Budget
    Signage is an investment. Include signage and branding in your budget and get realistic costs beforehand on what you can expect to pay for professional signage, bearing in mind application costs too.
  7. Location, Location, Location
    Location matters as much as size does! Choosing the appropriate placement of your signage is an important consideration. Placing a sign on a building that is hardly seen by passers-by is a waste of a good sign and money. Similarly, placing a sign below eye level or unlit areas will not be the best place for a sign. Determine appropriate placement to get the best out of your signage.
  8. Durability
    Signage should last for at least 5 years so ensure you choose something that is durable and can give you value for your money long term.
  9. Permits & Restrictions
    Before splashing out on signage, check with your municipality which signage is allowed or if your office park or business estate has any signage restrictions you should adhere to. This will allow you to plan around all circumstances.
  10. Evolve
    Times change and so will your marketing needs. Evaluate your signage and branding every 5 years at least and either refresh or update your signage arsenal.
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